Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What do you call the opposite of the Midas Touch?

I guess you could call it the obama Touch. Everything he touches turns to shit! (Washington Post)

Anyone remember Executive order 13563? to 'cut red tape'.

Sunstein claimed in 2011 that the executive order would achieve $10 billion in savings. Batkins did note that the effort has led to cost cutting, including $940 million in savings and 9.8 million less paperwork hours from a Medicare and Medicaid hospital reform rule.
Overall he found $8.7 billion in savings, still short of the regulatory burden that has resulted from the administration’s plan to cut red tape.

“The White House has repeatedly claimed that Order 13563 is unprecedented, but a cursory review of the record proves there is nothing unique about their efforts,” the report said. “Every President since Jimmy Carter has issued an executive order on regulatory reform, and even President Carter urged agencies to ‘periodically review’ existing regulations.”

President Obama’s deregulatory measures have actually resulted in more than 1.5 billion hours of paperwork and $10.2 billion in new net costs,” Batkins said. “The only aspect of recent regulatory reform that is unprecedented is that the administration has the temerity to recycle old regulations and claim them as part of a historic ‘retrospective review.’”(emphasis mine)

Let's spend $10.2 billion, and pay for 1.5 billion hours of overpaid government workers time, to save $8.7 billion. Yep. Like Obamacare, more evidence of the obama touch...

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