Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I love my cat. Fried.

"It appears that the unidentified man took in about 15 cats, all around 3-years-old, black, and “meaty.” He would then kill the cats and serve them as food to friends at dinner. It is unclear whether his friends knew what they were eating."


Okay. I get that most people don't eat cat. But here's a guy gonna spend a year in jail because he does. Charged with 'cruelty to animals'.

Isn't it just as cruel to the cow? the pig? the chicken? What makes a cat so special? I can see if he tortured the cat to death, but this story doesn't say that. It just says he killed them for dinner.

People in general have got some really skewed perceptions of reality some times!

Hell, I love my Hemingway polydactile vicious blue beastie. But if it comes right down to the line, she's made out of meat just like every other four legged critter out there. Maybe just stringier....

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