Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Blue Michigan?

 Just can't fathom it.

According to my unofficial count, purely by counting signs, the vote should have gone

1. Donald Trump

2.  Yard Sale

Distant 3. Kamala Harris (defaulted)...

Thursday, August 6, 2020

My big brother died today

I know a lot of folks have lost family thanks too this fucking virus. And my condolences. But give me a moment to be pissed of for my loss today.
When my wife and I wound up homeless from hurricanes in Florida, my big brother gave us a place in his home to get back on our feet.
When I got out of the Navy after my first wife left me 28 years ago, my big brother took me into his home until I got my head together.
I won't be making the funeral. Oklahoma's too far, my car won't make the trip, and I'm sure he'd understand. But I'll miss him. And I'll think of him. And I'll wonder how this fucking virus could take out one of the strongest men I know.
My big brother.
Flights of angels and all that shit..... Sleep well, Mark.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

THIS is what's FUCKING wrong with our FUCKING, FUCKED UP, country

We have the right to peaceably assemble. We have the right to address wrongs. We have the right to face our accusers and we have the right to address those who have harmed us.
We do NOT, however, have the ABILITY.

Try to talk to a government representative. Go ahead. I'll wait.


Try to talk to a store manager. I'll wait here in aisle 3.


Order something from Amazon. It doesn't matter if one of 6 parts are broken, and the one or two you actually NEED are fine, but the pieces you don't are broken when they arrive. Try to get JUST ONE of the pieces replaced.


Send the whole delivery back, and get credit. Do NOT use the parts you need. Do NOT return just the broken pieces.


Same thing with our government, or any other fucking self-absorbed, self-serving son of a bitch out there.

We as a populace no longer RATE a voice. We are relegated to the pool of disenfranchised voices that stand in the place of our individual identities.

Here in Michigan recently, a fairly STUPID Macy's store employee called some fucking black hood-monkey a nigger. Can't prove he said it, and doesn't justify the response, but he got his ass fucking handed to him on a store aisle platter.

And personally, I've been beaten by a cop for 'assault' for touching his arm passing around him.
I've been charged with 'obstructing an investigation' for walking down the street I live on because I refused to give my name to an overbearing cop.

I'm actually fucking SICK AND TIRED of having no recourse, no voice, no OPTION, but to sit and take it because our fucking government, Amazon, and god-damned Macy's fucking clerks think their better than me and I don't matter.

I'm nowhere near the point of grabbing an AR and going "postal". But I can definitely empathize with those who have.
Those who have been CONSTANTLY battered with beurocratic bullshit; Three floors up, talk to this clerk. Two floors down, talk to THAT clerk. Did you try the clerk on the next floor down? That's probably where you should start....

We no longer have recourse to address our issues. We no longer have representatives in ANY aspects of our FUCKING EXISTENCE we can question.

Do. Do Not. Wait. Hurry.

I hereby no longer accept my sheeply master's demands.

I stand before you a sovereign man. Able to care for myself. I will not bow, nor will I break.

My only problem? There is NO ONE who I can tell this to. Nor do those who COULD make a difference care....

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Stole this from my cousin's Facebook...

Just my opinion...Leave it alone...
If you are offended by something then leave it alone. Cracker Barrel offends you, then eat somewhere else, but I like it so leave it alone. A statue offends you, then don’t go see it, but I like to see them as my history, so leave them alone. Don’t like meat, then eat vegetables but let me eat what I want to. Don’t like Gone With The Wind, then don’t watch it or read the book, but I like them, so leave them alone. I like worshipping God, but you are offended, so don’t go to church, but let me go. I read the Bible, but you are an atheist and want Bibles banned. So don’t read it, but don’t say I can’t. Leave it alone. You don’t like the names of military bases, but I do, so leave them alone and stay away from them. You don’t like the police force, then don’t call them when you are in trouble, but leave them alone so I feel safer having them.
Why are the things you want so much more important than what I want? Are your demands greater than my likes? Is it because you use intimidation, blackmail and force to get your way- that you do? Let’s make a deal. I will leave what you like alone and you leave what I like alone and the world will be a better place for everyone.
Don't like what I post, scroll on by and leave it alone as I do when I disagree with yours.  😊
By the way my Facebook is not public. It is set for "Friends" and friends don't intimidate each other and demand I change my opinion to match yours.
Copied and pasted because it’s exactly how I feel!!!!!

(Thanks Andy G.!)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Big Brother alive and well during Covid-19

The Real-Life Escape From New York 

Per the story linked to above, (highlights provided by yours truly):

"According to a New York Times report published May 15th, about 5% of the population—which is about 420,000 people—left New York City between March 15th and May 1st as lockdown measures tightened. The data was procured by using residents’ phone locations."

Nothing to see here folks, move along. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Monday, June 1, 2020

Not that we really need a reason

Apparently Americans don't need much reason to riot. One more black guy killed by one more white cop (even though statistically more whites are killed by police country wide every year) and the whole fucking world apparently goes batshit crazy. "Hurry UP, dear. We have to hit the riot at Target before all the good shit is took!"
And how in the fuck is destroying private property, often owned by a black man, teaching Whitey a lesson?

Any way. For those just tuning in, here are two interesting reasons if you REALLY can't find any other to go out and riot:

1. Keep your distance, but suck this!
This link is to a gay "member's club", that you can purchase a one night "membership" too, that has a maze with conveniently placed glory holes included.
Not sure what a gloryhole is? Google it, I'll wait...
That's right! And it's right here in Whitmer's Michigan. You know, where you couldn't leave home to head for your secluded lake cabin. Or visit your aging parents. But if you want your dick sucked during these trying times, well, okay then....
(I'm surprised that story didn't get more alternative media attention....)

And 2. Apparently, standing on your own front porch is considered breaking curfew, and you will be shot.

In the first we have an out of control governor who turns a blind eye to the moral perversion rampant in our fucked up society, while lording her "authority" offer the masses, and in the second case, being shot by "authority" for standing on your own property when they tell you not to.

And not a peep from the mainstream media newsmakers about it. But then, THEN we might have a reason to riot. Against TYRANTS.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Almost ashamed to call myself a Michigander

I've seen it bandied about in some news media sites that Michigan governor Whitmer may be pegged as a running mate for the Democrat contender.
Normally, this would surprise me, as Michigan never seemed to me to be an overly political state. Maybe because I grew up far from the lights of the big city and never really gave a fuck for the bigger picture during my formative (read that juvenile delinquent) years.
But the arrival of the corona virus to the shores of this lake-locked state has opened my eyes. Since the cesspit of Detroit has become the epicenter of our part in this pandemic and it's slowly spreading outward to encompass the surrounding counties and towns, Whitmer has been making her updates on the networks to the annoyance of we, her constituents.
And I can understand her being pegged as the darling of the democrats.
Rather than offer condolences to those suffering, or support to the folks of her state by presenting words of hope and assurances, she spends her on-air time blaming the federal government for not supplying enough medical aid to our under stocked hospitals and health workers.
She takes NO responsibility for the inadequacies of HER readiness. Admits to NO fault in our lack of facility in handling this crisis.
Where the fuck is the independent streak of the people of Michigan that formed my own belief in responsibility and self sufficiency? The folks I ran across up to the self imposed exile I now find myself in didn't appear to me to be cowering in fear. They were doing what needed to be done in order to overcome this situation.
The farms and towns of this state will get through this. There will be pain. There will be loss. There will be hardship.
What there WON'T be will be accusations against others for our own shortcomings and lack of resources that WE failed to accumulate beforehand.
And as I'm typing this, Whitmer just came back on to give her "latest breaking news".
Interesting how she IMMEDIATELY starts out saying how unprepared we as a state are. And how it's the federal government's fault.
I REALLY hate this bitch. How in the HELL dare she try to represent TRUE MICHIGANDERS?

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Y'all know I'm a prepper, right?

Prepping for shit to happen just makes sense to me. I got enough toilet paper to last a couple of months before I run out. Just sayin'.
I just moved, and one of the first things I procured for my new home was chickens. A steady supply of protein rich eggs are always good, and baked chicken ain't so bad either. The rabbits I brought with me, and it's just about the time of year to start breeding them to sell and restock my breeders, then sit down to a nice dinner with the older ones... I always know it's breeding time about when I'm getting my garden itch and thinking about homegrown vegetables.....
There is also abundant wildlife here, and just last night I caught the raccoon eating my feed corn in a live trap. I released him this time with a stern warning, but if he catches again, I'm making chili.
Don't get this all wrong though. I'm not huddled in a cement bunker waiting for the fires of hell to rain down on mankind. I got an electric Mr. Coffee I make my morning magic in, then sit on my sofa by the living room garage-door-sized window (which is actually a glass paned garage door...) And read my emails on my phone. Which is more complicated than most computers I've ever owned...
I read one this morning about testing your 72 hour kit. You know the one; keeps you alive and as comfortable as possible for the supposed three days it'll take you to walk to your redoubt when society is collapsing all around you. Don't laugh. There are a LOT of folks that think if society falls, they can walk somewhere in three days where they'll be nice and safe. God bless 'em!

I actually do have a bag. A Get-Home-Bag. It's got everything I think I need if my car dies (EMP anyone?) and I have to walk home. And most of that shit is my everyday-carry of gear and doodads in my pockets anyway. I almost had to test this theory not long ago as I got a flat and realized an old neighbor of mine had not only NOT put my jack back after using it, but the jack handle he replaced in the trunk was the WRONG ONE for my tire lug nuts... Freezing cold Michigan winter's day... Wife only wore her tennis shoes... Did I ever mention how great my neighbor/landlord/new best buddy is? He rates a post of his own here, trust me!

Oops. I got sidetracked again... Anyway, back to my story: It struck me funny when I read an old comment from the aforementioned article about one person's thoughts. I ALWAYS read the comments of articles online. Half the time they have better info than the original author. But this one was great:

  1. Dave Anderson
    October 5, 2018
    I think that you bring up a good point about testing a preparedness plan and making sure we will have everything. I don’t think in a disaster that we will have time to go over a checklist of things that we have or need. I would love to purchase a survival kit and then test it out to make sure my plan is foolproof.

  2. Can someone puh-lease tell me why jackrods like this even waste time on prepper articles? There is NO survival kit available to buy that is proof against fools like this. Better bet will be for this guy to sit in place and wait for the government to come. Should be there soon... Uh... Anytime now..... 

  3. And a final note: my wife's boots, which I KNOW she doesn't like wearing, are now part of my Get-home-gear in the trunk...

Thursday, February 6, 2020

It just occurred to me

Even with being shot, having COPD, 56 years of hard living, and married to Rose for the last 26 of em...

I'm STILL in better shape than most men twice my age!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The meaning of life... And you thought I didn't have all the answers!

I read an article in my email this morning about the need for meaning in people's lives.
Americans used to have a lot of things that actually meant something while this country was growing up.
God. Patriotism. Family.
And any one of those, or any combination in any order, could give the individual meaning.
And this article got me thinking about the existential question we all need to answer about what gives our life meaning.
We as humans, as the article pointed out, share our basic needs with other animals on this planet. Food, shelter, interaction with others. What we have above them is our need for meaning.
God, in one of the many forms he's taken over the centuries, has given meaning to mankind to start wars, end wars, persecute others, raise others up. In other words: meaning. A WHY for the question of being here. Some of the greatest feats of mankind, and some of the most heinous acts of cruelty, have been enacted in the name of God. Giving those who perpetrate these acts meaning.
Not so much for me.
As a kid, I looked for meaning in God in the Protestant, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and Seventh Day Adventist religions. None of them held the answers I had been taught at home have meaning in life. Sure, they all adhere to the Golden Rule, believed in the ten commandments, wanted money, and the leaders all seemed to require a certain amount of adoration and adulation, but none of them worked for me.
My family eventually went from non-religious to Mormon. (Don't get me started on them). And that became the end of my search for enlightenment. Did I believe in God? Probably. Maybe? I don't know. But I do believe that mankind had twisted His Name into the battle cry to perform all sorts of atrocities on our own, and I have my own excuses for the wrongs I've done. I don't feel the need to blame Him (Her?).

So. Let's move on to Patriotism. Am I a patriot? I think so. I served in the Navy. Proud while I was active, and proud to say I did. But I joined because I needed a job. Not to serve my country, but to get a paycheck. I developed a sense of something greater than myself being a sailor. I learned from seeing other lands first hand how great our country was (is??) in comparison. But I also learned about an America more than my home town and county. I saw the dirty side of our cities and realized an uglier America than I had known growing up. Am I a patriot? Yes! Do I believe in America? I did. Her current direction of immorality and decay scares the shit out of me. I love my country. I just don't recognize her anymore.

And now family.
I don't know. I'm not even sure I understand what family is. Growing up, mine was dysfunctional. Grown up, mine fell apart. Now it's just Rose and myself. Our children (separate families, we had no kids together) are spread across the country. They don't depend on us, nor we them. And that works for us, though we wish it were different.
I never liked being dependant on anyone for as long as I can recall. I do like taking care of others. I need to ensure Rose has the things she requires to feel safe and secure. I even like to see my pets and livestock content. I find some meaning in being needed, even if its just making sure the chickens have food and water. They don't show any appreciation. But knowing they are cared for is enough.

And I guess that's what gives meaning to my life. Being needed. Taking care of things. Whether it's as little as taking care of my chickens, the love in my wife's eye, or being proud to be a part of the idea of America.

Oh, here's the article that started this rant. It's pretty good. It's about politics, but as I agree whole heartedly, thought I'd pass it along.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Typical CNN

Nothing new here. Just shows how democrats actually feel about anyone they disagree with.
Still, this needs to be seen, and since no one actually watches CNN anymore...

How CNN thinks of everyone not them.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Guilty until proven innocent

I haven't posted much about my thoughts on the impeachment. Those of us who believe in the constitution realize it's a sham, and democrats are blinded by their hatred.
But democratic Senator DICK Durbin just made a statement that shows this beyond a doubt:
"It's not the president on trial by the senators, it's the senators on trial by the American people. Will the senators side with the constitution, or blindly follow their loyalty to Donald Trump?"

NO allowance that the president may be innocent with regard to the constitution. It's one or the other and if you're FOR the president, you're an unconstitutional traitor.

So let me ask; who died and made Durbin God?