Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips, tricks, and tools

I was going to do a post on activated charcoal, but basically, I can't recommend trying it at home, and for filtering purposes, finely ground black wood charcoal works just about as well.

So, today's post is going to be about toilets. Specifically kid toilets.

Tomorrow my wife is going in for a colonoscopy AND endoscopy. Basically a camera in both ends and see where they meet in the middle. (Talk about getting to know your inner self!)

Anyway, our adopted daughter is coming to take her to the hospital tomorrow, and bringing the grandkids with her. And we only have ONE toilet in the house, and its got a 'Reserved for Rose' sign on it.
Now, any of us grownups can go use the bucket of woodash out in the shed. Its annoying, but better than trying to make Mount Vesuvius hold back an eruption....

The kids on the other hand might have a problem with a five gallon bucket, plus going out to the shed, so ol' Grandpa took care of it.

Sam's club sells detergent in 3 gallon square buckets, with a nice sturdy lid. Just about the right height for a 5 year old and a 3 year old. I cut a toilet shaped hole in the top, then used that to draw an outline of the hole on a board. Cut that out, and smoothed the edges with a dremel. Still not happy with the result, I then tacked a couple of sheets of cardboard to the top of the board, cut a hole approx. an inch less all around the edges of the hole in the cardboare, and cut slits to bend them down inside the wood. Used hot glue to hold them down, and now have a decent seat goin' on.

Then I took the cover off, lined the box with a kitchen trash bag, put in some kitty litter, and then tacked 10 plastic grocery bags, one inside the other, to the outside of the cardboard seat, hanging inside, one inside the other.

Kid uses the toilet, pull the wings of the grocery bag off the tack, tie, and drop.

Not the best solution, I'm sure. But Grandpa don't clean up kid poop!

And if this ain't a TT&T post, I don't know what is!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

At least I love being with my granddaughter

Have you ever noticed how when people come to 'help' its usually because they want something from you? Yeah, me neither.

My adopted daughter was coming to help out while my wife had her medical procedures listed in an earlier post. Showed up at 8 PM, with her husband, dropped off the boy and girl, and ain't been back since.
Now don't get me wrong, I love my grandkids, but with my wife sitting indisposed, this leaves me with two kids, only one working shoulder, and the hand on the good arm throbbing from a dog bite.

This kind of help I don't need. Its now 11:30, I finally got both kids to sleep, and the wife is in bed exhausted.

Fuck it. It's oh beer thirty.

I doubt I'll post shit tomorrow. I have so much 'help', I doubt I'll have time to read my emails, much less blog.

This fucking pot wants to call us kettles black! (oh wait...that's probably racist...)

Pay close attention as this fucktard calls US liars!:

(excerpt from Human Events)
As for Reid’s larger “all of the horror stories are untrue” strategy, maybe that is the only way for Democrats to escape accountability for what they have done.  They’ve got to break America on the rack.  They’ve got to make us formally renounce the evidence of our senses.  This isn’t about anything resembling persuasion or democracy any more – remember, the official Democrat Party position is that ObamaCare is a super-duper-ultra law that’s even harder for elected representatives to modify or waive than the Constitution itself, although the imperial President can do so at will.  (That power will be instantly and completely rescinded if his successor is a Republican, of course.)  The Democrats can’t win by convincing you to like ObamaCare; they win by surviving the backlash, preventing voters from focusing resistance enough to win a steep uphill battle for repeal.

Wimmen Wif Weapons

The 4 foot garden and the 4 person family....

And other assorted fairytales....

I love reading the prepper blogs that show you how you can take four feet of dirt and raise enough food to feed a family for, like, forever.

I don't care if both of your thumbs are green and you have a carrot for a dick, it ain't gonna happen. I have gardened all my life, and even though my health no longer allows for a big garden out back, I still grow my own herbs and a few small vegetable plants in containers. And even that takes quite a bit of effort. The herbs are plentiful, it only takes one plant to actually produce the amount of flavoring I use in a year, but the the tomatoes and such, not even close. They add fresh veggies for a time, but hardly enough to make it through a year, even if I bothered to can them, and I usually just eat them as they ripen.

Of course, you can always go with hydroponics, and let the fish fertilize the plants and the plants attract bugs to feed the fish I guess. I have played with different small scale experiments in this area. Its hard to balance, and generally needs some type of power source to transition the water.

I know! Permaculture! Throw out a bunch of annuals and eat whatever pops up! And if you want a crop of deer and rabbit poop, than this is the way to go!

Its mostly crap. Where I grew up, we did live on the veggies and fruits we grew ourselves. But there were six kids and a home maker Mom involved. We raised our own meat animals too. And it took constant vigilance and HARD work by all of us, while Dad made a living at a job away from the farm.

Can it be done. Sure. I doubt one person in a thousand could do enough just to feed themselves, and none who could feed a family of four if the little ones are too young to do hard work all day!

So, having ranted for a bit, let me direct your attention to an article I came across where a person actually did their homework. There are some interesting figures here. I won't claim they are 100% accurate, but from growing up on a self sustaining farm, I think they are pretty close:

Ideally, our family would need 100 pounds of pole green beans, 120 pounds of beet roots (and that would give them about 20 pounds of greens to eat fresh), 120 pounds of cabbage, 120 pounds of sweet corn, 60 pounds of cucumbers (although you’ll likely get a LOT more), 80 pounds of garlic, 80 pounds of leaf lettuce, 120 pounds of onions, 80 pounds of garden peas, 60 pounds of peppers, 20 pounds of radish, 80 pounds of summer squash (although since this is zucchini – it’ll likely be more), and 160 pounds of tomatoes (likely more, but …). For this, you’ll need 560 (9 ounces) pole green bean seeds, 4400 (2 ounces) beet seeds, 5200 (three quarters of an ounce or so) cabbage seeds, 2400 (2 pounds) sweet corn seed, 320 (half an ounce or so) cucumber seeds, 4 pounds of garlic, 12,400 (half an ounce) leaf lettuce seeds, 21,200 (3 ounces) onion seeds, 9200 (84 ounces or 5.25 pounds) garden peas, 400 (tenth of an ounce) peppers, 1320 (half an ounce) radish seeds, 120 (half an ounce) summer squash seeds, and 240 (under a tenth of an ounce) tomato seeds.

Read  the whole article. This lady did her homework! Then go out and buy some real seeds! Maybe from Jebediah Seed? (and yes, that is a shameless blurt out to my sponsor! Go there too.)

XenoBabes (I think you'll like these girls....)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A few random gleanings...





From some random Voice in my Head:


Found this in my emails yesterday:
Am I the only one who thinks this pretty much makes this Democratic Representative a douchebag?
Promoting a 'public-private' company that works with the IRS...


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fuck this good neighbor shit

About 4:00 this afternoon, shortly after my wife got home from work, my little pain in the butt yap dogs started freaking out in the enclosed side yard.
I went out to see why they were so obviously agitated and found a medium sized mixed breed mutt in the back, which is open to the other side of the house and the front.
Being the kind humanitarian I am (and not wanting to be cited for firing a gun in the city limits) I grabbed my sling shot and some marbles, and figured I'd let it know it really shouldn't come to my yard uninvited.
I opened the gate, stepped through, and was just about to let fly at this accommodating animal who was standing broadside to me about 15 feet away.
Just before I released, I heard a voice behind me yell "Don't hit her".
The individual got lucky. I was startled, and turned with the intent to let a very large glass marble fly at this unknown threat.
Some asswipe was standing there, and with a VERY scared look on his face, said that the dog was friendly, and he'd been chasing it for four blocks trying to grab it. He asked if I would help him catch her.
So me, being the generous, giving, and understanding humanitarian I am, I dropped the slingshot, crouched and called to the stupid assed dog. After a few aborted approaches, the mutt finally approached me, tail wagging, and let me scratch its head. The fuckhead asswipe whom I didn't shoot earlier told me to grab the mutts collar.
Well, hell. Why not?
So I extended my reach just enough to grab the collar.

bottom tooth
The fucking dog went full bull goose apeshit on me. Twisted around so I lost my grip on the collar, threw itself on its back, and then latched onto my thumb. 

Well shit. At this point, being nice was no longer in me. I slammed my fist against its head, and the fucking cur took off.
The guy trespassing in my back yard asked if I was okay, and I told him to call 911. I don't know this damn dog, and be damned if he's getting away with this shit.

The 911 operator asked to talk to me, as I was the individual who just happened to know the address and my name. (Duh) And the operator told me to have us wait in the street and she would have animal control notified.

I relayed this info to the trespasser, and he told me he thought he should follow and try to find the dog so no one else got bit. And left.

top tooth
I kept an eye on where he went as he walked down the street, and when my wife came out, I walked up the street after him.

End result: Animal control showed up, took my statement, police showed up, found this asswipe by tracing the number he called 911 on, and I got a trip to the emergency room.

Dog bites fucking HURT, people! This is the third time I've been bitten by a dog. Which makes two out of three not my fault! And if Asswipe can't produce shot records, I get to have rabies shots on top of everything else.

Next time, I'm going all Wirecutter on any fucking animal that doesn't belong in my fucking back yard. It won't be a sling shot, and I'm not counting legs...

I know I'm guilty...

No, not of THAT...I wouldn't do THAT even if I thought I could get away with it!
I'm talking about this:

it seems like everyone is doing the exact same thing these days… sharing content without actually creating any (I’m more and more guilty of this, I know) and even when people do create new content it often feels like I’ve seen it somewhere else. Maybe that’s just because I literally watch hundreds of blogs and have been at it for years. Who knows. So long as it’s “new for you” then that’s all that matters.

I admit to being guilty of 'borrowing' content from other sites. But damn it, some of those other sites got good shit! And I truly do try to give a link to the original information, not just repeat it and let you, my readers, think I authored it.
Also, I try to have original thoughts posted here now and then. Granted, these thoughts are usually generated by the sites I frequent, but I gotta tell ya, in my emails, especially the prepper sites I subscribe to, I get the same articles at least two and sometimes three or four times in any given day. I can't even tell half the time who generated it!

If any of my (two) readers out there find that I am plagiarizing the content of other honest bloggers out there, call me on it! No, really! I see my shit out there all the time on other sites. And I really don't care. But I would like to think I adhere to a higher standard of integrity. (Yes, I AM that guy. As a matter of fact, I'm the guy that taught that guy how to BE that guy!)

Happy blogging out there. I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip the waitress, she does a hell of a job!

Politically INCorrect Tuesday





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I got nothing. Been a slow week...