Thursday, June 4, 2020

Big Brother alive and well during Covid-19

The Real-Life Escape From New York 

Per the story linked to above, (highlights provided by yours truly):

"According to a New York Times report published May 15th, about 5% of the population—which is about 420,000 people—left New York City between March 15th and May 1st as lockdown measures tightened. The data was procured by using residents’ phone locations."

Nothing to see here folks, move along. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Monday, June 1, 2020

Not that we really need a reason

Apparently Americans don't need much reason to riot. One more black guy killed by one more white cop (even though statistically more whites are killed by police country wide every year) and the whole fucking world apparently goes batshit crazy. "Hurry UP, dear. We have to hit the riot at Target before all the good shit is took!"
And how in the fuck is destroying private property, often owned by a black man, teaching Whitey a lesson?

Any way. For those just tuning in, here are two interesting reasons if you REALLY can't find any other to go out and riot:

1. Keep your distance, but suck this!
This link is to a gay "member's club", that you can purchase a one night "membership" too, that has a maze with conveniently placed glory holes included.
Not sure what a gloryhole is? Google it, I'll wait...
That's right! And it's right here in Whitmer's Michigan. You know, where you couldn't leave home to head for your secluded lake cabin. Or visit your aging parents. But if you want your dick sucked during these trying times, well, okay then....
(I'm surprised that story didn't get more alternative media attention....)

And 2. Apparently, standing on your own front porch is considered breaking curfew, and you will be shot.

In the first we have an out of control governor who turns a blind eye to the moral perversion rampant in our fucked up society, while lording her "authority" offer the masses, and in the second case, being shot by "authority" for standing on your own property when they tell you not to.

And not a peep from the mainstream media newsmakers about it. But then, THEN we might have a reason to riot. Against TYRANTS.