Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm still alive (mostly...) And a long overdue Xenobabes edition!

Sorry for the lack of posts,  dear readers. Seems like every day is more overwhelming than the last out on Turn Here Rose.
Each day has hit me with its own new roadblocks,  and I haven't gotten in to town much,  and when I do, it's a quick run and back or to the farm.
But I'm still alive and therefore so is this blog.  I promise as soon as I can,  I'll get back to working on this blog again.
Until then,  thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 18, 2014

No big shit

At least not in the house in town! I can't thank Stevierayv and one of my readers named Jim who showed up and busted their butts helping me. Although I admit I really felt pretty bad when Jim's clutch starting smoking like a chimney moving his trailer into position at the farm. But Stevierayv stepped up and hauled the trailer for the subsequent 2 trips.

It rained all day yesterday,  and the chicken pen was a quagmire of muck,  but some brute strength and some maneuvering got it moved.

These were two guys,  (and a girl,  Jim brought his adult daughter to help! ) who drove anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours to help a stranger.  GOOD men.  And I owe them a great debt of gratitude.  I fervently pray they never need any help in the future,  but if they do, I'll be there come he'll or high water.

We didn't do any shooting,  but had a good time after all the work was done,  had some good country ribs,  corn on the cob,  a beer or two,  and we separated to get back to our lives. Strangers who met, worked together,  and parted friends.

A good day!
And they mocked me when I tried lighting a fire.  I even used my firesteel! 

Jim's daughter, Christy. Did more work than some of us today.
Okay, more than ME anyway...

That's Jim on the left. Drove over an hour hauling his trailer
To help me out. One of the most talkative dudes I've ever met. But his daughter
says he don't socialize much, so I'm glad he had the opportunity to
share some of his life with me. This is one fascinating individual!
Oh, that there specimen of virile male pulchritude is the inimical Stevierayv himself
on the right! 
And I'd like to add here that it's not very nice making fun of your host's fire starting ability,  or taking video when he's lighting home made napalm with a fire stick (Christy)!

Ps. Send it to my email and I'll post it. Promise. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

this sucks

Until about three month ago, maybe a little less, I had a large shed out back, poorly built, leaked, had mice, but it held all the crap I could never throw away. You know, I might NEED that broken yard rake with no handle. Some of its tines will come in handy if I ever need a long piece of springy metal to perform that emergency lobotomy on myself some day!
But I wasn't going to take it with me, so I emptied it out and sold it to some guy for the cost of moving it out of the yard.
Now, I'm a major packrat. Not Hoarder TV quality, but I really hate to throw anything away. So now, my already overcrowded house is looking like I may just start to qualify. Over the 4th of July weekend, I had the grandkids tearing things up trying to find the one missing lego out of a box of about five bazillion, pushing things back to make room for six people to sit and move around. The last two days I have been spending the daytime at the farm while Rose is at work, and the damned goat figured out the doggy door back in town. Including knocking down the blockade I put up to stop him. I don't know if you realize how much one goat and two large dogs can do, but quite frankly, I'd rather clean up after the proverbial bull in the china shop!
Now I'm sitting here realizing that moving the larger furniture and appliances is going to be a pain in the ass simply making paths through all this shit.

Oh well. At least then I'll be able to rake it all up with my broken rake head and bag it all up for the trash bin. Rose will probably make me do it blindfolded so I won't be able to see that old inner tube with a hole in it I was saving in case I needed to cut it into heavy duty rubber bands someday...

To Fireguy:

Sorry, somehow your comment went to spam.
I'm covered on the trailer, but thanks anyway. I could always use help loading it though!

Loading up around 8:00AM tomorrow. No sweat if ya can't make it. Long drive for ya, and I gave my readers damn short notice.



I'm sure all of you know what those three letters mean. We have all used them.
Maybe that's part of our problem in this country. Rather than say "What the fuck?" we use just that three letter acronym. I can only imagine three reasons for this, and none of them says much for Americans in general.
First, its easier. We can't be bothered to spend our valuable time we could be using in our many sybaritic and venal pursuits.
Second, we're conceited. Our narcissist attitude makes our needs paramount. We see no reason to expend effort typing out three long words. We already know what we mean. Fuck the readers, let them figure it out.
Third, we are unwilling to take resposibility for our actions. If we don't actually type out the word 'fuck' we are exempt from the social stigma of using that once offensive, but now all too common, expression.

All of these things are pandemic in our society. Work? Why, the government pays you an "entitlement". Those lucky enough to actually have a job being unwilling to offer charitable support to those who are in need, and those who would receive this charity taking it as their due rather than a hand in getting their own shit together.
We no longer take responsibility for ourselves. The highest position of honor and dedication in our country, that of President of These United States, is held by a shining example of the downfall of our people. An almost perfect parody of Sergeant Schultz, he nows nothing of what is going on in order to avoid culpability.

I do vehemently NOT include those of us who embody the true spirit of our country. Those few amongst the sheeple who do not graze complacently and call ourselves the III.
We are the hope where there is mostly despair. We are those who support each other and keep the wolves away from the flock.

As it becomes harder and harder to claim pride in being American, we remain steadfast and ready as Patriots.

So, WTF? How will this get fixed? IDK. But I do know the fix will not come from our government, but from Us.

(OMG, typing this one letter at a time on this POS phone sucks!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A call to arms! And some quality XenoBabes!

Maybe that should be a call FOR arms...
Moving starts around 8:00 AM Thursday morning, bbq to follow.

Email or comment if you can help me move to Turn Here Rose! Its a chance to meet and eat with some local III's!

 Bless you all, my readers, and my soon new friends!

Oh, and here:

Update to moving, and the generosity of the III

I am once again humbled and proud.

I have a gent with truck and trailer willing to assist, but I could probably use help with loading the heavy stuff. Figuring out the schedule, and will let ya'll know. Others have offered to help as they can, and I appreciate you all!

I have always been proud to be an American, but never prouder than I am of the III and our helping out when one of us has a need. III TO III.

ps. There is definitely a barbecue becoming a reality here. What do ya'll think? brisket or ribs?

UPDATE TO THIS UPDATE:  Thursday morning! Anybody out there likes barbecue enough to work for food? looks like moving starts around eightish.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Any III near Norman, OK?

Need a hand moving all my crap to the farm.  My problem is, I need the transportation. Truck, trailor, something. I'll load my shit, but need some way to transport it. Offering only my unlimited support in return.

Mrs. Xeno's Monday Men


Okay, it's official. Blogging from this POS phone SUCKS!
However, one does what one must. And when I'm back in town, I get internet access which I most definitely don't have on the farm. I'll try to get my posts out as I can on the days I'm not there.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Turn Here Rose (took four hours to create this damn post. ..)

They delivered my building on Tuesday, (Pictures to follow) and of course it turns out I screwed myself again. After it was set in place, I called the electric company, and they set up an appointment to 'stake'the spot where they are going to put the pole. Now I've been using a small generator for my electrical needs rather than purchase all the materials needed for a temporary post,  because I was informed by the technician that I could get a permanent pole installed once I had a building on the property.
So I stayed out there on Tuesday for the building,  then on Wednesday for the electrician.  Three digit degree heat,  no a/c, and sleeping in the ground or hard floor.
Then the tech tells me on Wednesday that as soon asi geta permit for the building,  since it's already wired for electric,  he'll schedule the pole installation. And of course,  I have to pull all the insulation so the permit inspector can verify the wiring meets code. 
However,  if I opt to put in a temp pole (at my expense) I can get a permit for twenty bucks and they only inspect the pole. So after all this, I'm back at square one, but spent the money I would have used to buy materials for the temp setup on the wired,  insulated building.  Being a landowner has its moments, huh? FUCK!
Also,  on Monday I picked up a brush mower. Got a couple pictures of that too.
And now,  without further ado:
Building front. You can see through to the hole in the back wall.
The interior has been partitioned with a small room in front, and this section as the main space. And yes, I have an attic.  Frankly,  I'd rather have the headroom, but it is what it is. I can always keep Rose up there when she gets senile. ..

Left wall of front entryway. 

View into interior from the hole cut in the wall and they removed the AC unit.

Not much air circulation inside,  so I put my tarp shelter up in front. Still sleep out here, too.

My. .. ahem... Not in the house yet, for reasons that should be rather self evident

My shower. That hole in back came in handy.  As did the two by four I used for checking level.

Picture of my weed eater. Yes,  he's in a plastic tub in the back seat of my car. A needless precaution,  as he was quite the gentleman (gentlegoat?) and didn't crap until I took him out of the car.

Off the job! Lazy little shit spent most of the evening under my chair, where I could just reach to occasionally scratch his crown.

Right side of front entry.  Washer and dryer will be going here.

Told the idiot towing the building that I hadn't done much more than weed whacked the tall grass. He ran over a piece of rebar with his front tire. Poor schmuck.

Well,  that's it for my farm report.  Only took me about four hours on this damn phone! I'll try to get more posts out,  but at this rate, don't expect miracles! 

My Very First Post. One year ago..

Today is the first anniversary of beginning this blog. So far, it has been a lot more work than I thought it would be, reading the blithe, always interesting, and so easily written articles of Wirecutter, Hiswiserangel, and Phil (aka Bustednuckles). You folks led me right into this shit with your silver fingered segues from reality into the blogosphere! May your genitals be inflicted with the fleas of a thousand camels!

What follows was my original and first ever post, with some notes in red where something may have gone awry or changed a bit:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The voices in my head...

...told me I should start a blog of my own after following others for quite awhile now. I got a screwed up shoulder, so I gotta type one handed. (Kinda like a prostitute, we're both Hunt 'n peckers...) So if I type too slow for ya, too bad. (Hand works better, and I use it mostly for the mouse on my lap rather than the keyboard, but the shoulder will never work again!)
This is going to be a conservative, anti-big government kinda thing with random thoughts thrown in for good measure. (And nekkid wimmen, lots and lots of nekkid wimmen!) Just starting up, so don't expect glorious stuff right off the bat, but I'll do my best to keep it interesting enuff to come back to once in a while. (Hopefully I have lived up to this goal. Not always easy, and sometimes just wanna quit, but it has all been worthwhile in the long run!)
Gotta git wif some of my blogfriends out there and figure out the whole "link to my site" thing so I can get their blogs listed. (Obviously figured it out, and my bloglist has grown considerably. Many more being added than taken off when they stopped posting.)
I am pro everything. Period. (No change. Do what you gotta do! Just don't try to make me do it with you. Of course, if you ask real nice, there's always a chance...)
More a Libertarian than a Conservative (I think). Libertarian sounds less opinionated anyway, and more "Leave me the fuck alone-ish". (Decided Constitutionalist was the word I was looking for!)  I care about very few people, and like it that way.(Most of THOSE are reading this...) I DON'T care about some ragheaded fucker in some country ending in -istan blowing up his fellow countryman. And although its probably not politically correct, I don't care about all those folks in Newtown either. Yes, I do feel bad for what they have to go through, and wouldn't wish that on anyone, but I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. And if the poor sheeple bleeding hearts who parade devastated families like that around for their own agenda think taking guns away from honest, law abiding citizens is the way to FIX this, all I can say is: BULLSHIT. (Well, that's not ALL I can say, but it does sum it up fairly well....)

Gonna go play around and see how to link some sites to this thing, and let my blogfriends know I aspire to be just like them. (only better looking...) (Managed to figure out how most of this shit works. Still can't figure out how to get a simple mp3 file to load into a post without a whole damned video, but other than that... I hope you have enjoyed my little road trip down the information highway over the past 12 months, and I won't guarantee that I won't get dejected when y'all read my shit and no one comments, but I'll still keep plugging away. Thank you to all my readers and especially to my mentors and friends. You know who you are.)
 Xeno out.

Friday, July 11, 2014

MS 13

Can somebody PLEASE tell me the difference between the Mexican gang MS13 and Al Quaeda?
 Besides the fact that we are bringing MS 13 into America. Hmmm, a group of militant thugs who use torture, intimidation, and violence to gain their objectives. About the only difference I see is location.

Terrorists. Coming to your town through the auspicious actions of your federal government!

Temporarily out of my head...

...and can't hear the voices!

First, a great big Thank You to Hiswiserangel for posting on my behalf! I am currently behind the eightball (again, what else is new?), and am having to post this from an older iphone. Busted my newer phone on some bricks, and even insured it will cost $175.00 to replace it.
I'm spending most of my time on the farm, trying to get shit going, and have run into some government crap policies that are causing me physical and financial problems. I had to pawn some items to keep electric on in town, and as I really don't own a lot of pawnable shit, my computers and guns were the first prisoners of war.
Not looking for help here, I'll get through this. Just letting you know that with no internet out there, and having to use my POS phone in town, my blog is going to have to be put (mostly) on hold.

Sorry folks. I'm trying...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Politically UNcorrect

Steve is out at the farm tonight getting ready for the cabin to be delivered tomorrow. I told him I would do his post for him. Have a great day.