Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not dead yet, but working on it...

Hi folks. Sorry its been so long. I am finally getting there. My electric, after a long struggle with the city of Norman, was turned on 2 weeks ago, (still no internet connection though, damn it!), my well is up and working, and as soon as I get my hot water heater, oven, and furnace converted to LP gas, I'll have all the amenities that come with that!

A lot has been happening here. I caught an ear infection about three months ago, and my doc sent me to give blood. Two days later, they call to tell me I have leukemia!

Of course, everyone freaked out. Well, everyone  but me. They told me it was chronic lymphoma leukemia, and I'd probably had it for years. So no big deal where I'm sitting.

Then, after setting up a blood test every six months, they called me back to give blood after 30 days, because they weren't sure what kind of leukemia it actually is. Seems it doesn't fit in any box. But definitely leukemia....

I get to go for a cat scan tomorrow followed by a bone marrow biopsy. FUN! And again, everyone is sweating it but me. If a .12 gauge shotgun at point blank range can't finish me off, leukemia can go fuck itself!

Working on getting internet. Not looking good in the near future. I'll make sure to post the results of my tests when I find out. Hope there's still a few folks out there who give a shit....

Take care and watch out for each other.