Saturday, November 30, 2013

We're the First!

That's right! Norman, Oklahoma now has the very first fully automated 24 Hour Library in the entire United States!

The facility will have built-in security cameras to protect patrons' materials at all times. It is also fully ADA accessible and is covered to protect it and patrons from the elements.

The automated library was developed in and brought from China

Screw this! There are SO many reasons this is as bad as our government's deal with Iran.

  • 'Security cameras'. Once again, for our protection, the government can track us, I.D. us, and record us, in the interests of keeping us safe. We all know how many people get mugged going in and out of the regular library!

  • "We need to focus on JOBS!". Oh, right. Let's automate, and we can have computers doing all that filing and cataloguing menial crap it used to take a person to do.

  • Comfort. Throughout my Navy career, and since in my life, I have found great comfort in sitting in the inevitable soft chairs available in every library I've ever been in, and going over the morning paper, or sitting and reading a short story from a number of different venues, and the always pleasant interaction with, oh, I don't know....a REAL person, as I gather a few tomes to take home and read during those unfortunate but necessary trips to the "office". (toilet, to be blunt...)

  • Where are all the homeless in Norman going to go when it rains??? They won't all fit under that automated kiosk weather cover!

  • And last, remember when "Made In America" was a matter of pride? Pride in workmanship, pride in quality over mass produced quantities of crap, and just plain PRIDE that it was made here in the United States of America!
Its bad enough China owns us financially. Is it necessary we sell the soul of our once great country too?


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Friday, November 29, 2013


Tips, Tricks, and Tools

I'm writing this on Thanksgiving, so I'm gonna make this one short and quick.

Here's today's tip: