Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm suing shoe manufactures. Who's with me?

I figure if my feet smell when I take off my boots after only wearing them for 3 days with the same pair of socks while trecking through swampland, it's GOTTA be the shoe manufacture's fault. Right? Am I right?

Whose with me on this?

Hey, don't laugh. There is a class action suit against Sears because people opening the doors are smelling a moldy odor from their machine.

Whose door they keep shut between washings against specific instructions from the manufacture not to.

Water-tight seal, Idiot! Its not gonna evaporate itself!

It doesn't much amaze me these days that someone got the bright idea to sue Sears over this. Let's face it, was anyone REALLY surprised when the lady won her suit that the hot coffee she ordered from McDonalds was actually, you know, HOT?


But this lame assed case has gone to the Supreme Court! A freaking judge somewhere down the line hasn't figured this one out? And do you know how many appeals this must have gone through? The legal fees involved tell me that they are looking to get a shitload of money off this.

And they want to make GUNS illegal. How about we make STUPIDITY illegal, and all go out for a cold one?

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