Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Obama School of Backtracking

Have you ever noticed how people tend, without even realizing it, to emulate other famous (infamous?) people?

Kardashian's big ass...Madonna's weird (at the time) clothing....Rappers whose pants were worn around their knees....

Why is it its only the outlandish shit?

And it seems to be predominant in the field of fashion. Yes, I know, REAL MEN don't talk fashion.

But this is more about a certain model, and Taylor Swift (a 'girl next door' gorgeous looking country singer for you metal heads out there...) And real men CAN talk about models and gorgeous women.

Taylor did a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Which is a strip club for rich people venue, and one of the models, Jessica Hart, stated: "Bless her heart, but she just didn't fit in.".

Now this in itself is not any kind of insult in my book. Taylor Swift exemplifies the sweetness of a young woman: sugar and spice and every thing nice (and decent).

NOTHING like Miley Cyrus. More like the white to Miley's black.

But Victoria's Secret wants to hire Taylor as a model. Personally, I like Swift's music, and her image. It restores some of my faith that there are good people in the world, regardless of their social renown.

Hart said, when asked if Taylor Swift could 'make it' as a VS model:

"I think, you know what, God bless her heart. I think she's great," the runway diva elaborated. "But I don't know, to me, she didn't fit. I don't know if I should say that."

Of COURSE she didn't fit in: SHE was dressed!

Well, apparently, with VS wanting to use Taylor's charm and girl-next-door style as one of their spokesmodels, [Victoria's Secret's brands Chief Marketing Executive, Edward] Razek has come forward to clarify Hart's comments. "I have personally been in contact with Jessica Hart and she said she was 'wildly misinterpreted' and that she thought Taylor was 'amazing,'" Razek tells Us. "She is stunned that anyone would think differently. And that's something we can all agree on."
Razek continues, "I can tell you that everyone at Victoria's Secret was blown away by Taylor's performance. She could not be more beautiful or talented, that we felt extremely lucky to have her, and that she is welcome back to do the show anytime she wants." (emph. mine)

Again, why do people tend to emulate the WORST role models out there? Couldn't Hart find someone better than Obama to follow after.
"Yes, those are the words I said. Yes, those are the words you heard. But apparently you misunderstood what I meant when I said "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period."

Doubletalk, backtracking, rescinding, and outright denial that what you said is really what you said.

If its good enough for the prez...

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