Friday, November 22, 2013

'New and Improved' Yahoo.com

I don't know how many of you out there use Yahoo. I do know that I used to actually like the MY.Yahoo homepage. Had a nice American flag background, all the news and information I like to keep up with right there. Calendar that kept me up on appointments that I'd otherwise forget in my old age, and mail and articles would give you a brief summary if you moused over them.

But now we have the NEW and IMPROVED My.Yahoo! and the link here shows how much people absolutely love hate it!
Content doesn't feed, so I can't get even the TODAY column I liked, which showed interesting new articles about just about any subject that was 'trending'.

Mail doesn't load, nor can you preview it from the front page, and I'm a lazy sumbitch that likes things up front. I don't want to have to run around to look at things just to find out I couldn't care less when I get there. Then have to go back to where I was and start the whole process over.

I can no longer load my American Flag background that I've had on there since 9-11 2001.

But then, I forgot: Patriotism is a dirty word these days....

All in all, the new My.Yahoo absolutely SUCKS, and I thank you for letting me rant about it. I may go back to AOL with Hiswiserangel. Its got to be better than this crap. I think I'd rather be on the Obamacare website than Yahoo at this point. They were obviously designed by the same company....

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