Friday, November 22, 2013

Affirmative Action and the Welfare State

Going thru my email this morning, an article over at RedState by Erick Erickson caught my attention. The entire article is a definite 'must read'. Hit the link, its worth it...

Apparently, he had the opportunity to debate at the Oxford Union in England, a prestigious meeting which as far as I understand it, has no bearing on changing anything. After all, according to the article, the previous weeks debate concluded AGAINST patriotism! (What is this? the U.S.?)

Anyway, the debate for this week was over affirmative action. The result was decided that it was overall a negative, but one remark made by the author, which he shares in the article, just NAILED it!

We cannot trust that those who benefit from it will ever say we need no longer have it.

Truer words hath ne'er been spake. Or something like that...

And that's one of the leading problems we have in our country. Entitlement mentality. Folks that have never worked a day in their life, being taken care of by the Nanny State, see no reason to change the system. And thanks to our current regime, there are now more of them than working class. Hmmmm, never worked a day in their life and the State takes care of them....sounds a LOT like politicians.

A recent article I read (can't remember where, but it's made the rounds) about a woman claiming she can sit back and smoke pot and live in subsidized (read that Free) housing pretty much says it all.

We need to revamp our 'welfare' system. It does no one's welfare any good to give them handouts. If you use the SNAP program, and everyone should know by now that's the politically correct new and improved name for foodstamps, than they should only be for the basics. Bread, cereal, meat, eggs, milk, you know, the kind of things that people eat NOT made out of sugar and moonbeams. Stop their ability to purchase candy, soda, 'fast' foods (some states allow this!). Make them available for gas for your car, so you can, oh, I don't know, GET A JOB! How about toilet paper? It doesn't even have to be the good stuff. Store brand, OK. Charmin, no.

I went to the VA assistance group in my area after my injury, and was going to apply for VA benefits. They told me I was not eligible, but that I could probably sign up as PTSD from my injury, get approved that way, THAN go for full disability. They even recommended a shrink who would "work with me" to validate my non-existent PTSD. I walked out.

If I wasn't disabled from having my shoulder shot out with a .12Ga shotgun, I was DAMNED if I was going to claim that I was a basket case to get something I wasn't eligible for in the first place. And before you go all apeshit on me, yes, some people have PTSD and its a valid and in some cases incapacitating problem. But not for me. I got shot, it was an accident, I no longer have a shoulder, it hurts, move on. Put on my big boy pants, and dealt with it.

Side note here: I applied directly to the VA on my own behalf, for the injury, NOT PTSD, and was granted 100% disability. I get 152.00 a month for anyone keeping score. and yes, that's One Hundred Fifty Two Dollars. So don't tell me how I'm a hypocrite for going for 'entitlements' and bitching about others.

I have never said there should not be welfare. I just feel the system as currently designed is to enable those who should already BE able. I also believe they are called entitlements for a reason. People in general are NOT 'entitled' to sit on their ass and smoke dope. People who HAVE put into the system, and no longer have the ability are. (Well, maybe not the dope part, but definitely the sitting on their ass part.) People who have children to feed are entitled to receive food while they get back on their feet. The elderly, the sick, the very young, the injured, and those that have served; These are the ones we should grant charity too. Not some dope smoking crack whore with 13 babies from a possible 25 daddies. And lets put some time limits on it, huh? Young children until they are working age, baby sitting for single parents, old folks until they croak....reasonable expectations and limits.

Or we could always go the other route like we have been. I hear Obamacare is great!

(Because quality affordable health care that is affordable because someone ELSE pays for it is everybody's right!)

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