Thursday, November 21, 2013

Maybe Obama is just inferior.

Is Obama simply substandard intellectually?

This is the question asked (and answered) by Eric Golub in an article in The Washington Times, but the excerpt I've posted gives a good summation:
Those in the real world understand that a man whose hobbies in Hawaii included beach-bumming and smoking marijuana would not become a nuclear physicist. Politics was his avenue because merit matters in corporate America. One can smile their way to the political top and speak well with teleprompters.
Yet eventually the man who never did anything had to actually do things that mattered to ordinary people. He did not and cannot succeed because he lacks the skills to succeed. He lacks abilities, aptitude, and an understanding of human nature and how things work. He understands nothing consequential. He is a community organizer who mishandled the American community and ran an administration that is completely disorganized.
The results speak for themselves.

And I couldn't have put it better myself.

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