Friday, November 8, 2013

All local. All the time.

I'm sitting here, going over my email and checking some blogs, and have the IQ reduction device (TV) on to News9, Oklahoma City.

Where they say: All local. All the time. (And trust me, Oklahoma does not recognize that ANYTHING exists outside its borders, except college football teams).

So why the FUCK am I hearing about Fuckstin Boobers (aka The Biebs...) newest bullshit in Brazil?  How the hell is that local, or even NEWS?  Although I will grant that with this fucktwat, it IS all the time.

Main Stream Media.....God help us all.

Not so much that they show this shit as 'news', but that people LISTEN to this. Bread and circuses for the masses. Can we PUHLEASE go back to gladiators and bloodshed as a national pastime? We can start by feeding biebers to a pack of hyenas. Now THAT would be news!

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