Friday, November 8, 2013

Its happening here

Flash mobs. Preplanned groups of (usually) juvenile delinquents calmly walk into your store, then erupt in an orgy of theft and violence....

Its happening here. And it doesn't matter where 'here' is. There is an in-depth look at this new crime surge over at SHTFplan. It provides video of some of these mobs hitting Sports Authority stores, and leaving with ENTIRE RACKS of coats, jackets, and other apparel.

Of course, this is in Chicago. Where you can't have a gun to protect yourself. Where our 'president' hails from. I guess if its good enough for his hometown, its good enough for America in general....

This article clearly states some hard truths. This is happening NOW. What will it be like when its not name brand clothes, but food? If they will endanger lives for a couple of jackets, what will they do when they're hungry?

Think opsec here....

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