Thursday, January 1, 2015

I HATE Norman

I bought Turn Here Rose because it had a Noble,  OK address,  zip code, and postal service. After I had already closed on the land I found out that I'm on the very edge of Norman city zones...
Did I mention I hate Norman?
I still don't have electric,  gas, water... And all because of stringent and unfuckin'reasonable codes. Like no metal siding allowed. On manufactured homes. Keep in mind this is an area that was completely destroyed by fire 2 years ago. Go figure.

So, January 1st, 2015 finds me in a mobile home, electric hooked up, but the electric company won't turn on the juice until the city clears the permit. Which they won't do until the building permit is cleared, and I still need to put skirting on the trailer, have an electrician wire the pump in,(which I've had wired in for over two months and using with my generator), porch rails and handrails on the little 4X4 porch I constructed,  and build another stairway on the back door which I can't even GET to on the outside.

I have my gas tank installed, but need to have my stove, furnace, and water heater converted from natural gas to propane. By a QUALIFIED heat and air tech, before they will hook it up.

So, I'm making progress. It's 9 degrees today, I have a small gas heater that will heat up the living room OR bedroom to a maximum of 55 degrees, using my generator to pull water as needed, have a camp stove
for cooking, a smoker to use as a makeshift oven, and a long way to go. Nevermind getting internet out here!

Keep the faith, friends! Happy New Year!!!