Monday, September 29, 2014

'Nother update

I have taken pictures of the trailer, interior, exterior, amenities, and applied for a permit to place it on the land. Everything looks good at this point. The only thing I will have to do after its moved (the mover has to apply for that permit, and its in the cost of moving it) is get a permit to install 'tie-downs'. But that isn't that expensive, and I can get that permit myself, without having to go through some kind of 'professional' trailer tie-downer...

Still a long way from enough to move it, but my wife gets paid Friday, then again in two weeks, and if I can make an agreement with the mover, (fingers crossed), to pay him off over the next two months, I'm good. He's a 'good ol' boy', and a good friend of my nephew and older brother, so I'm hoping he'll go with it. Not saying I don't appreciate and could still desperately use a hand...

Speaking of which: I would like to thank Leslie A., and Terence M. for their contribution to my sorry ass. Sometimes I really can't stand my life, and all the choices that got me here, but it truly makes me feel blessed to know that there are people out there that care. And are willing to help.

Thank you all.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another day...

Woke up this morning! Most days I do that, I count as a plus...

I want to thank John B., Roger R., and Clifford S. for their help. It is greatly appreciated, and I'm trying to let any donations that come my way sit in my paypal account until I pay to move the trailer.
It helps if I can actually see the balance in a separate way than my dismal look at finances at my bank!

Truth be told, I'm a long way from the funds needed to get the trailer moved to Turn Here Rose, but at this point I can only trust in Divine intervention and, as Scarlett O'Hara would say: The kindness of strangers.

I miss doing my blog on a daily schedule, and appreciate all of you who have continued reading this drivel, even if it is of a more domestic nature than is my usual fare. I promise I'll get back to the grind as soon as I can, and when I can get internet out at my place. Right now, I'm on a POS phone that can't even LOAD my blog due to insufficient memory, and even reading my emails takes almost 20 minutes to load each one. Kinda feel like I'm back in the eighties...good old Commodore 64!

Well, I got to the library late, so I'm getting kicked off the computer so they can close.

Take care all, and thanks for everything you've been doing for me. You know who you are!

Til next time, Keep your powder dry.

(Here's how cut off I am from all things media related: Some sick assed muslim wannabe cut a woman's head off the other day, and I didn't hear about it until my wife came home from work and told me. And it happened in the next town over from where she works! Fucking extremists. Religion of peace my ass. More like religion of pieces!)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Latest update in the ongoing saga of "Turn Here Rose"

I know. You've been holding your breath, right?

So, here's the latest rundown:  I went to court on Tuesday. Sat in the courtroom and noticed that a lot of the lawyers didn't show up until just before their clients cases were called. So I wasn't too worried that I didn't see my lawyer there. (Of course, they don't expect LAWYERS to waste an entire day sitting waiting for cases, they're apparently notified a bit before they have to be there!)

I sat and watched as person after person left the courtroom. Still no lawyer. Finally, it was just me, Rose, assorted courtroom flunkies, and the judge.
He looked at me and asked my name. When I told him, (still sweating that my lawyer hadn't shown) he informed me that my lawyer had met with the DA on Monday, and my case was being held up.

My lawyers office is right across the street from the courthouse, so I ambled over and nicely asked "WTF"?
I was told, rather bluntly, that I shouldn't have shown up since he hadn't called me.

Hmmmm... He could have informed me of this a little earlier.... Anyway, I asked when my case was scheduled for now, and he said he'd call 48 hours in advance.

So I actually have no clue what's happening with my case and am in limbo status UFN.

Now on to the house:

Had my initial inspection yesterday. Not good. The inspector showed up a few minutes earlier than the 'code enforcer' who had sent me the violation letter, and asked me if I could lock up my three little yapping dogs, because "Julia might be a little scared". (Julia is the code enforcer).
I gave it my best shot, but three little dogs, all faster than me, were impossible to corral in a dog kennel cage, so I ended up just telling them to shut the fuck up and left it at that.
About this time Julia showed up, got out of her truck, and started doting over my little mutts. Apparently it was the inspector who had no balls and was scared of my animals. Unwilling to admit that he was the pussy, but knowing 'I' knew it, he got out of his truck and the inspection began.
Apparently, EVERYTHING about my domicile makes it unlivable. Contrary to all evidence to the contrary, as I have BEEN living in it for a couple months.
End result: Vacate, or be found in violation of code restrictions, and fined and or jailed for non-compliance.

I actually asked Julia if I was breaking any 'laws' and she said no, but he could file charges against me on the code violations.

Now, I understand the purpose of code restrictions. If I have someone building my home, I'd like to rest assured that the house will stand longer than it takes for the check to clear. But I was under the mistaken impression I was a grown man and able to make my own decisions about my personal safety and what I consider adequate for my needs. (Besides, I've assisted in building enough houses to know what I'm doing, and this damn 'substructure' is more solid than anything the 'codes' require!)

So Its a no go on the building. However, they say when one door closes, another opens. In this case, it's thankfully true. My nephew clears out repossessed and abandoned properties, and he has been hired to clear some land in Dibble, OK. that has a mobile home on it. Almost all the windows are broken, and the family that lived there left it a cluttered, absolute mess. Some walls have holes in them, there is NO area more than a six inch square of the floor that is clear of debris, and the door jamb is broken. But structurally, its sound, and I can have it for the taking.
Unfortunately, it will cost me 1450.00 to get the damn thing blocked up to put an axle and wheels on, although the hitch is still attached, towed to my property, re-blocked to let the mover remove his axle and tires, and then have to do the leveling and repairs.

But its a damn sight better than trying to fix up the substructure to meet the un-meetable code inspectors expectations, and I plan to tell the city of Norman to kiss my scrawny ass. Not on the left cheek. Not on the right cheek. But smack dab center where I'm all puckered up and waiting. (I can't even keep the 'substructure' on the land without some major foundation work, due to it being over 400 square feet, so everything I've already invested in it is gone. I can't even use it for a fucking workshop!)

Its gonna be a close thing though. I have to come up with about a thousand dollars or so still. Thanks to trying to get this damn other building ready for inspection, and the trailer has to be off the property its on and moved by the 10th of October. Or it gets bulldozed with the rest of the property.

And finally: THANK YOU Wouter de W., Curtis C., and Terrence and Emily B. I truly appreciate your generosity, and will do my best to pay this forward if I can ever get the fucking city off my ass....

God bless all, and keep your powder dry. (I may need backup!)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Court tomorrow, inspection Wednesday

Get to go to court tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well with my "obstruction" charge, and I can move on to suing the shit out of the Cleveland County sherrifs department.

Wednesday I have code inspectors coming out to do a preliminary inspection of the 'substructure' I call home, and see if it can be made into a dwelling. Funny, I BEEN dwelling in it for two months!

I don't have the cash for the materials I need to get it up to snuff. There are windows that need framing, openings that I need to get window into, a clogged drain to the septic tank, and still no wiring inside.

Hopefully, this being a prelim inspection, they'll just tell me what I need to do, (like I don't know already!) and give me a permit to start the work.

There is one thing that is certain. I am NOT leaving my land. Not alive anyway.

And thanks to B and Wraith. Checks received and greatly appreciated!

Friday, September 19, 2014

a real quick thank you!

I only got a second or two before I have to go to my lawyers, but wanted to make sure I got this out:


John T.
  • Clare C.

  • Justin F
  • Carl D
  • Hillbilly Drilling
  • James M
  • John B
  • Robert H
  • Thomas P.
  • Thursday, September 18, 2014

    My Humble Thanks

    I would like to thank my blog friends, and I won't list them by name as I would hate to leave one out, (You know who you are!) who have mentioned my straits on their own blogs. God bless each of you.

    And I would like to thank the people who have responded. There haven't been a great deal, but I'm not complaining. Every dime that you generous few have sent me has gone a long way to keeping me going. I had one lady from the United Kingdom donate some 'pounds' to me. That was a first for me, and also greatly appreciated.

    Here's a quick update on Turn Here Rose: My pot-bellied sow had her get the other day. TEN of the little runts. We lost one, but the other nine are doing well. In about six weeks I can start selling them off and make a couple of bucks that way. Six weeks is a bit of a stretch, but thanks to you folks out there, it looks like I just might make it.

    Now if I could only get the code inspectors off my ass and figure out how to get this 'substructure' up to "their" standards...

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    My bad...

    I'm NOT done!

    First let me say Thank You to Robert H. and Highlander. The money you sent is truly appreciated. Even if I get only five dollars, that can sometimes (like lately!) mean the difference between my wife getting to work or not for a couple more days. I am grateful. Deeply.

    Now for the rest of the story....

    I've had a lot of support from you folks out there.
    I get scared sometimes, and overwhelmed. Most of us do whether we will admit it or not.
    When I see the woman who means everything to me turn away so I don't have to see her tears when I come in the 'substructure' we call our home, I feel inadequate.

    I put a lot of that frustration into this blog the other day when I didn't see a whole lot of options, and I was ready to give up. But, I'm trying to work with the bureaucrats here and make this thing work.

    One of my readers asked how much it would take to get moving forward.
    I apparently misunderstood the question, thinking any day I wake up above ground and make it through until night WAS moving forward!
    So I erroneously ass\u\me\d he meant how much I would need to get to a point where I could start to get AHEAD!

    So with all due diligence, I wasted an extra hour of our taxpayer money having a bureaucratic flunkie go over EVERYTHING required in a "Section 2: Rural Agricultural Land: Single Family Dwelling. Then I went to Lowe's and priced materials. Then I called THREE licensed electricians, THREE licensed plumbers, and THREE licensed carpenters for estimates on a 10 minute look-see on work that I would perform.

    Now, I don't want to sound ungrateful, and I truly do appreciate any help I get. But the question of what it would take to move forward came with a caveat: "This time with a plan."

    Again, I erroneously ass\u\me\d I'd HAD a plan the first time.

    My 'plan' was to perform hard work in constant pain and 'make a life in the wilderness'.

    Was I naïve? Yep.
    Did I get shafted? Yep.
    Was it MY fault? Yep, yep, and YEP.

    I allowed myself to chase my one dream.
    And I'd put my faith in a system that I inherently KNEW was flawed.

    The American Spirit that will always breathe in MY soul is what allowed this country to be born.
    Our forefathers moved west and did indeed 'make a life in the wilderness'. (Of course, all THEY had to deal with were a plethora of savage beasts and hostile former tenants. I have to deal with CODE INSPECTORS!)

    Okay. I screwed up. Everybody happy now?

    But I have to blame some of this (a small portion at least) on life itself. Tactics only work until contact with the enemy, and plans only work until contact with reality.
    I didn't 'plan' to have a hurricane take everything I own and leave me with little recourse but to relocate to Oklahoma. I don't even particularly LIKE Oklahoma...
    I didn't 'plan' to be shot.
    I didn't 'plan' to be out of work and worthless for two years.

    I didn't 'plan' a lot of the shit "life" has thrown at me. Nor a lot of the opportunities "life" has given me.

    So if you have a question, ask. I will do my damnedest to give you a full and honest answer. If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question.

    If you wish to give me charity, I will humbly accept and offer my heartfelt gratitude.

    What few shreds of my dignity and pride I have left, however, I will hold on to until the bitter end.
    And I'm afraid I will still take (most) people at face value until I have been burned. Its my nature, reinforced by my wife's undying belief that there is good in all, and I doubt I would care to live in a world where there were no trust-worthy people.

    If you feel your charity will be squandered, or expect me to change who I inherently AM, or require me to accept criticism and give up what's left of my shattered pride in order to get by, I am sorry. I cannot.

    'Life' can take my so-called "substructure". Take the land its on too.
    I've lost literally everything I owned except my clothes not once, but THREE times in my life due to shit I not only didn't, but couldn't, plan for.

    Take it all. I'll start over and once more come out better than I was before.
    Because I was wrong about one more thing: I'm NOT done!

    My bad....

    Friday, September 12, 2014

    Reply to 'Getting my ass kicked' comments:

    To Gregg: Tried that route. Norman still requires certification of 'code' for ANY type of "manufactured home".

    To "B": Honestly, I'm pretty much screwed. But if you want a breakdown, I went to the permit department this morning to find out what I need to get done. Here's the breakdown [after I ran to Lowe's and got some cost estimates]:
    Heating (woodstove setup) 600.00
    Sheet rock 120.00
    Temp electric pole 200.00
    Window (1 req'd in bdrm) 100.00
    Fixtures Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower stall, toilet, water heater 1250.00
    Insulation 210.00
    Replace septic pipe 120.00
    Plumbing 280.00
    Electric 370.00
    Framing studs 45.00
    Well (ctrl box, press. tank, 1"pipe to house, Conduit for wiring) 350.00
    Permits and 'licensed' professionals to sign off on plumbing, electric, and structure, low estimate is 150.00 each, or 450.00

    Basically, a hair over 5000.00. And that's not counting all the miscellaneous fittings, screws, nails, glues, mortars, and inevitable errors.

    Ain't life grand? I figured I had most of this taken care of buying this particular building. Now I'm having to pay half again what the building cost me in the first place. And because I DID buy this particular building, I can't afford to pay to RE-do everything to make it livable, permits, sign-offs, and still eat, get Rose to work (including extra mileage for missing the driveway), feed my stock, and everything else with basic everyday living...

    Seems if I stand still, they kick me. If I run, they just bite me in the ass...

    (But trust me, all the moral support I've received is TRULY appreciated from all of you!)

    Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Guess my ass is finally kicked. I just don't have any fight left in me.

    The journey had to end sometime I guess. Most things usually do.

    Bought land with 2 wells and septic. Can't use either one worth a fuck until I get electric.

    Electric company won't put in permanent connection until a building is on site.

    Bought a building fully wired, insulated, paneled, and even has an attic for all my extra shit.

    Life is good, right?

    Well, not so much. The building can't be hooked to electric due to the wiring being well pump wire, and not up to code for a family dwelling. So I tore out all the paneling, all the insulation, (which my dogs have subsequently destroyed,) removed all the non-code wiring, and bought a 4000W generator to give me access to electric until I can afford to rewire the whole damned place.

    Bought a couple of pigs, sow is ready to birth any day now. Bought a goat to help clear the brush and weeds. Bought chickens for eggs, geese for an alarm system, and ducks because fuck it, I LIKE ducks.

    Came home from my brother's house last week, and the generator I had chained to a defunct telephone pole was gone. Somebody cut through the chain. All my dogs were in the house, and wouldn't come out until I went in and got them, so as they are all friendly dogs, I don't know what the fuck was done to scare them so bad.

    All my chickens are gone. Raccoons and a skunk. One of my ducks is gone, and my geese don't do me a fuck lot of good if I ain't home to hear them honking.

    And today. Today I got a notice I am in non-compliance with the single family dwelling codes, and am required to vacate within the next 29 days, and cease 'dwelling' on the property until I build or buy a compliant domicile. Apparently, even if I put in electric, plumbing, walls, and all the bullshit amenities of a "house", this building is classed as an 'out building' and cannot be upgraded to a 'dwelling unit'.

    So fuck it. I quit.

    I got Cleveland county sherrifs arresting me for walking down the street I live on. I have land I can't live on and nowhere else to go. All my money is wrapped up in this place already, so can't do anything more. Gonna give the goat to my brother, and if he can't take them, I'll sell the pigs cheap to find them a good home.

    Rose has been crying all day. I don't know what to say to make her feel it will be okay, because I don't know how to make this okay. I've run out of time, money, options, and faith.

    I don't know when I will be able to post again. Or if. Apparently I can live in my car in the State Park if I pay for the electric hookup to be turned on. At least the water is free. But I can't live in a waterproof building on my own land.

    I'll still check my email. And look for comments here. But don't know when I can post again.

    Guess I'm done, folks. I tried.
    Love ya'll. Bless those who have been my staunch supporters through all this.


    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    Boring Update. Please stand by...

    Things are becoming almost normal. Not that I'm advancing from my status of primitive living, but it seems I'm acclimating to my situation.

    Raccoons have gotten three of my chickens, leaving me one hen and three roosters. In order to give the poor girl a rest, I have caged two of the roosters, and had one for dinner last night. For those of you not familiar with free range chickens, they are much 'tougher' than that crap you buy in the store; they actually use their muscles running around and chasing bugs and stuff...

    A skunk has been stealing my eggs. And my dogs have stopped 'protecting' the henhouse since one got sprayed. I had to tie the poor mutt out under a tree a LONG way from the house and downwind for over a week...

    Water procurement has gotten a little easier. I steal it from the state park! It's only six miles away, and they have a spigot right past the gate. Its amazing how many five gallon jugs (my wife gets them from work; cooking oil containers) I can fit in the back of a Saturn!

    I have hooked up a couple of small solar panels I had almost forgotten I had to charge a 12V marine battery, and I can run a small (six inch) fan on both sides of the bed during the night so sleeping is no longer an issue waking up to a pillow that feels like a waterlogged shredded wheat cereal and a sheet that you can ring out.

    Got my camp stove for cooking. I know, I'm lazy. And ask Your Crazy Uncle Bubba about my fire-making skills! (NOT!)

    Tarp keeps tearing in the Oklahoma winds, and I keep putting in new grommets and putting it back up.

    Life sucks, but it beats the alternative. Still waiting on Sep 23rd to go to court over my 'obstruction' charge. I'll let ya'll know how that turns out, unless I'm in jail, in which case Rose will update ya!

    Take care. PLEASE keep commenting, it makes this a lot easier knowing you're out there.

    Bless everyone of ya.