Monday, September 29, 2014

'Nother update

I have taken pictures of the trailer, interior, exterior, amenities, and applied for a permit to place it on the land. Everything looks good at this point. The only thing I will have to do after its moved (the mover has to apply for that permit, and its in the cost of moving it) is get a permit to install 'tie-downs'. But that isn't that expensive, and I can get that permit myself, without having to go through some kind of 'professional' trailer tie-downer...

Still a long way from enough to move it, but my wife gets paid Friday, then again in two weeks, and if I can make an agreement with the mover, (fingers crossed), to pay him off over the next two months, I'm good. He's a 'good ol' boy', and a good friend of my nephew and older brother, so I'm hoping he'll go with it. Not saying I don't appreciate and could still desperately use a hand...

Speaking of which: I would like to thank Leslie A., and Terence M. for their contribution to my sorry ass. Sometimes I really can't stand my life, and all the choices that got me here, but it truly makes me feel blessed to know that there are people out there that care. And are willing to help.

Thank you all.


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