Monday, September 22, 2014

Court tomorrow, inspection Wednesday

Get to go to court tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well with my "obstruction" charge, and I can move on to suing the shit out of the Cleveland County sherrifs department.

Wednesday I have code inspectors coming out to do a preliminary inspection of the 'substructure' I call home, and see if it can be made into a dwelling. Funny, I BEEN dwelling in it for two months!

I don't have the cash for the materials I need to get it up to snuff. There are windows that need framing, openings that I need to get window into, a clogged drain to the septic tank, and still no wiring inside.

Hopefully, this being a prelim inspection, they'll just tell me what I need to do, (like I don't know already!) and give me a permit to start the work.

There is one thing that is certain. I am NOT leaving my land. Not alive anyway.

And thanks to B and Wraith. Checks received and greatly appreciated!

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B said...

If I can, I'll send a similar amount next paycheck....