Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boring Update. Please stand by...

Things are becoming almost normal. Not that I'm advancing from my status of primitive living, but it seems I'm acclimating to my situation.

Raccoons have gotten three of my chickens, leaving me one hen and three roosters. In order to give the poor girl a rest, I have caged two of the roosters, and had one for dinner last night. For those of you not familiar with free range chickens, they are much 'tougher' than that crap you buy in the store; they actually use their muscles running around and chasing bugs and stuff...

A skunk has been stealing my eggs. And my dogs have stopped 'protecting' the henhouse since one got sprayed. I had to tie the poor mutt out under a tree a LONG way from the house and downwind for over a week...

Water procurement has gotten a little easier. I steal it from the state park! It's only six miles away, and they have a spigot right past the gate. Its amazing how many five gallon jugs (my wife gets them from work; cooking oil containers) I can fit in the back of a Saturn!

I have hooked up a couple of small solar panels I had almost forgotten I had to charge a 12V marine battery, and I can run a small (six inch) fan on both sides of the bed during the night so sleeping is no longer an issue waking up to a pillow that feels like a waterlogged shredded wheat cereal and a sheet that you can ring out.

Got my camp stove for cooking. I know, I'm lazy. And ask Your Crazy Uncle Bubba about my fire-making skills! (NOT!)

Tarp keeps tearing in the Oklahoma winds, and I keep putting in new grommets and putting it back up.

Life sucks, but it beats the alternative. Still waiting on Sep 23rd to go to court over my 'obstruction' charge. I'll let ya'll know how that turns out, unless I'm in jail, in which case Rose will update ya!

Take care. PLEASE keep commenting, it makes this a lot easier knowing you're out there.

Bless everyone of ya.



Anonymous said...

dude, i've been out of the loop for a while myself: what the hell is going on? I gather you've moved, what happened? please fill me in, you can email me at carlito119732004@yahoo.com or carlito19732014@gmail.com.

Brian in Florida said...

Still here still reading enjoy every minute of it wishing you the best of luck and stay the course

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Kiddo. I'm still watching yer blog. Subsunk

Anonymous said...

Dude, sounds like life sucks for you right now. Try to keep your head up. Someday you will be looking back at this.