Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm still alive! (sorry!)

Things are almost starting to feel "normal" living out here. After so long with so little, things are tending to become routine. Get up, feed the animals, check my list of things to do (all three pages), see if I can get any of them done, or at least start on a couple or so, cut some firewood, (its gonna suck this winter as it is, I don't want to have to go out and cut wood every day!)

Still stay in touch with Jim, the reader that helped me out with the move. Called him last night, he ragged on me about my fire making skills (okay, so I couldn't get the damn fire started worth a shit when he and Uncle Bubba came to help me move. I was rushing it, and you just can't do that with a fire!).
I always like shooting the shit with him. He and I are a lot alike, and he's got some good insight into life in general, and prepping, too. He's older than me, which makes him REALLY old, and has been through a lot. Talking with him now and then helps keep me focused on what I'm really trying to accomplish here. Says he'll come down and visit again sometime, and I gotta say I look forward to his visit. I need to prove that I really CAN start a fire....

Can't keep up with the blogs like I used to read everyday. Jim filled me in on Uncle Bubba's doin's. Sorry to hear about the shit your dealing with Uncle Bubba. My thoughts are with you. Sometimes with all the crap in my current situation, I tend to get shortsighted when it comes to the plights that others go through. (And my big brother lent me his Ryobi 18volt set, so don't sweat the drill.) Take care of yourself first and foremost my friend. Besides, its almost as much a pain to recharge the batteries as to just use my manual drill. And I've still got your hand truck, if you happen to get up this way, I'd love to get together again.

Okay. So now I've used this blog as a way to get some words out to my friends out there, and let ya'll know a bit about what's going on with me. Not a whole lot new, just hoping things start to come together before the weather starts to change, though I wouldn't mind it a LITTLE cooler around here!

I'll try to come up with something interesting soon instead of the drivel I've been publishing lately, but using a Library computer, I have to behave myself. Which SUCKS!

Til next time, folks. Keep on doing whatever the fuck it is you're doing, and keep your powder dry!



Phil said...

Sometimes ya just gotta put your head down and do what ya gotta just to get by dude.
Same old same old here, working my homesick ass off.
12 hour shifts all week and I am lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep.
I am fucking beat dude but I gotta do what I gotta do.
It ain't glamorous by any stretch of the imagination.

One piece of advice I can give you is that however much firewood you got, it ain't going to be enough so get fucking busy!



Brian in Florida said...

Keep on keepin on brother keep the faith you might think you're running this show alone out there trying to make a thing out of it but your not.people care, people come over and read the blog just to check on you its alright you're not alone don't ever feel that way keep safe