Monday, October 17, 2016

And in your local news...

A semi truck hauling frozen chicken caught fire this morning on Hwy 35 in Oklahoma City.

That's pretty much the entire story. No injuries, no one died, just a solitary truck whose brakes, and subsequently the entire semi, caught fire on the side of the highway.

The local news stations were jumping through hoops all day in order to keep us 'up to date' on the latest breaking news...

I was wondering why they didn't just crash a watermelon truck into it and put up a sign "Soul Food; Cooked on site". Whole damn thing woulda been cleaned up in no time up in OKC.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My vaca sucked. there was precip in Cali, and Micky D's ran out of hafcaf latte mocha frappes

Corruption at every level of government. Children placed in prison style institutions of "learning" where the only thing they learn is to sit down, shut up, and do as they're told by all authority figures who control them.

We have conflict over free enterprise, causing the many to bend over forward to conform to the wants of the few. Or even being forced, through fear of punishment, to violate their own moral or religious beliefs to cater to the laughable new 'rights' of the one. 

Correcting or own children with a slap to the well designed for spanking derriere constitutes child abuse. Then we wonder what has happened to the current generation of privileged, self-absorbed, belligerent thugs. Those that do manage to survive the formative years of childhood, and make it to a semblance of adulthood go to the new safe-zone colleges of today's higher education. Where they learn that it is okay for a man to be a woman, sexual orientation is a matter for public concern, the Constitution is ignored, and an individual has the right to sex, libations, and protection from anyone who's opinion doesn't conform to their own. Because, well, THEIR opinion is important, and yours makes them uncomfortable.

All this should really come as no surprise to anyone who was spanked as a child, was taught to respect women, trust men, stand by what they say, have calluses on their hands, and if not a religious, at least a moral, upbringing.

No one actually bothers to read the Constitution any more. The government tells them what their rights are and the rest of the sheep seem content with the Koolade. 

I was taught the Constitution in school. But then I'm old now. Yet still remember my literal awe of this great document instilled in me as I read every word of what makes our country great

The language used, perfectly adequate to the time it was written, almost a foreign tongue to their dumb - downed descendents. 

I seldom watch the puff piece entertainment shows that pass as news these days. I don't really care that Joe Shmoe's left nut got caught in his zipper at the award dinner for deviant transvestites. Or that it is now somehow important that men have their eyebrows 'manscaped'.

I could weep for the loss of the English language, if I wasn't so busy trying to keep up understanding news anchors telling me they'll be back in a mo-mo, and when they do return,  tell us all the important and life affecting details of their vacay. How little Bobby learned not to pee in the pool finally. Still working on teaching him its not nice to soak kittens in gas and light them on fire though. But we're working on it while trying not to hurt his self-image. 

And the sheep wonder what happened to their once - green pasture formerly known as These United States