Monday, July 15, 2019

If it's good enough for...

I don't know how many of you, my dear readers, have ever spent a night in our country's many, many jails, but as statistically one in four Americans have been incarcerated for 24 hours or more at least once, I'm guessing a couple of you are familiar with the stainless steel all-in-one toilet/sink/water faucet apparatus provided for alleviating all those watery needs of the inmate.
Essentially, the sink and drinking fountain are built into the top of where the tank usually sits.
So, effectively, one could almost say you are required to "drink from the toilet".
As far as I can tell, it has never done any lasting harm to our own citizen law breakers. So I doubt it's gonna hurt those law breakers who are NOT citizens.
Besides, my dog has been drinking from the toilet since he grew large enough to reach the bowl. So if it's good enough for him....

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


To all Americans, let me wish you a happy and healthy Independence Day.

Do we wish each other a merry December 25th? Nobody in my 55 years has EVER wished me a Happy January 19th. And that's my birthday. They wish me a happy one.
So fuck all you who want to have a happy Fourth of July. Let's wish AMERICA a happy birthday, and hope every American celebrates a happy and patriotic Independence Day.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Right? Riiiiigggght....

Watched the dumbocrat debates. Swear I could feel my IQ drop in direct proportion to the attention paid.
But if we don't watch, we can't stay ahead of these narcissistic panderers of OPM. (Other People's Money).
And I kept hearing about the basic human right everyone has to healthcare.
How's that again? A "basic" human right is one inherent in BEING human. I suppose you could claim everyone SHOULD have the right to healthcare. But that's about it.
You have the 'right' to care for your body (or not) as you personally choose. You can smoke if you want. I did most of my life. I have emphysema. Not debilitating, but I definitely have less lung power than I should. And it's NOT COPD. Just because Americans have become too fucking dumb to use big boy words and have replaced the English language with acronyms and abbreviations doesn't mean I have to conform. Nor am I somehow "owed" new lungs now. Or a new kidney if I drink a gallon of bourbon every day of my life from age three.
I have the right to grow what I believe are beneficial plants to care for myself. I have the right to seek out the knowledge to discover what those plants are and how to use them. And I have the right to not let you have them just because you're sick. I WOULD, but I don't HAVE to.
But, you say, them there doctors done went to SCHOOL to learn how to cure what ails you. Don't you think they should be compensated for that?
Sure. But I don't think I should pay for their entire 12 years of college plus just because I have a cold.
And if I need surgery, that's not a right. Its fucked up, sure. But not a right. Healthcare, women's bodies, the meaning of life. NONE of these have ANYTHING to do with gubmint.
But big Pharma do. And the money involved do.
Morality? Not gubmint.
Sexuality? None of their business.
Foreign invasion. Okay. Get them there representatives and senators out there and protect our country. I'm good with that.

But it ain't never gonna happen.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

STILL America

I'm not what you'd call a "practicing christian". Or any other kind for that matter. Nor am I Jewish, Islamic, or an adherent to the religion of the great flying spaghetti monster. Although I might have to just look into that last one... I REALLY like spaghetti...

But I STILL like what I saw in the waiting room on a routine doctor appt this morning:
So let me just say in closing... GOD BLESS AMERICA. STILL.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At least THESE "wimmen" can't get pregnant.

Thank God for that.

Because them would be some fugly damn kids.

And the only way to fuck these ugly wannabes is up the ass, and it's been scientifically proven that shit kills sperm....

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Offense Taken

Isn't it bad enough that shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent use the name of our great country in their title in the first place, while their entire reason for existing is to dumb down and entertain the masses while our government enacts laws and rules solely designed to control 'we the people', without denigrating our flag too? 
The opening scene to America's Got Talent was on the television tonight while Rose was scrolling down the list of mindless pap available to deaden our minds, and I happened to see a shot of a parachute descending the skies with an unbelievably HUGE American flag unfurled below him, with clips of ordinary, everyday citizens stopping whatever they were doing and staring upward in wonder.
Now, keep in mind I did not KNOW this was America's Got Talent. I just heard patriotic music, and looked up and saw this inspiring sight on TV, and was observing the parachuter's descent in appropriate appreciation of a majestic televised stunt.

Then I saw the parachuter land. Imagine my disgust; my outrage; my UTTER DISBELIEF when I saw some black actor, whose name I don't recall, nor care to, land at the entrance to the studio.

Has it come to this? Americans watching a show with America in the title, with a grand PATRIOTIC theme to kick it off, being more concerned with brain dead entertainment than the fact that some fucking nigger just effectually shit on the American flag?

Now, I'm sure they meant no offense.....


Friday, April 19, 2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019

And just because I feel the need to share

30 minutes ago I took the first four pills starting me on my journey to my 55 year colonoscopy. I start the drink in 3 and a half hours.
As I feel absolutely no desire to blog from the toilet, there will be no further updates pending...

Happy Valentine's Day All...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Oh.... Well that's okay then..

I haven't posted anything politically opinionated in a while, but a commentary by Shepard Smith on Fox news last night following Trumps televised address just simply rubbed me the wrong way. His comment  "The government's statistics show that there is less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population" is so ludicrous as to be borderline asinine.
Did I say borderline? Perhaps I misspoke myself. It IS asinine.

Let's put this in perspective, shall we?

In order to keep numbers fairly simple for the sheep out there, let's say Los Angeles, CA has a population of only 1000. In a year, they have 100 murders. That's a simple 10 percent example even a CNN follower should be able to figure out.

Out of the 1000 people, TEN are illegal aliens. (Yes, I said Illegal Aliens). The other 990 are "general population".  Smith doesn't say if he's referring to ANY American, or only documented immigrants here, but either way, for the sake of argument, we'll let that slide... Nor does he offer the actual  ratio of IA (Illegal Aliens) to GP (General Population) for that matter, but I digress...

Out of the 100 murders, only TWO of the murders are perpetrated by Illegal Aliens. 98 are done by the general population.

Illegal Aliens:   10
Murders:              2
Murders per IA:  .2

General Population: 990
Murders:                     98
Murders per GP:       .01 (rounded UP)

STATISTICALLY, more murders were committed by the GP. COMPARATIVELY, the IA are murdering ANIMALS....(where have I heard that before?).

Of course, my numbers above are pure conjecture, as I don't know the ACTUAL ratio of IA to GP, Fox didn't give out that detail. But I assume it can't be much higher than 1 percent. If I'm wrong, feel free to enlighten me. With facts, not your guess against mine. I already admitted I don't KNOW the actual ratio, nor do I CARE.

The only thing I care about is that the TWO murders I conjecture were perpetrated by the TEN illegal aliens could NOT have happened if they weren't here in the first place. If they were here LEGALLY, they would be part of the "general population", and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Build the fucking wall. And stop blaming Trump for skewing facts when you use stupid statements by folks like Shepard Smith to lead astray the small minds of the Sheeple of America.