Thursday, February 6, 2020

It just occurred to me

Even with being shot, having COPD, 56 years of hard living, and married to Rose for the last 26 of em...

I'm STILL in better shape than most men twice my age!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The meaning of life... And you thought I didn't have all the answers!

I read an article in my email this morning about the need for meaning in people's lives.
Americans used to have a lot of things that actually meant something while this country was growing up.
God. Patriotism. Family.
And any one of those, or any combination in any order, could give the individual meaning.
And this article got me thinking about the existential question we all need to answer about what gives our life meaning.
We as humans, as the article pointed out, share our basic needs with other animals on this planet. Food, shelter, interaction with others. What we have above them is our need for meaning.
God, in one of the many forms he's taken over the centuries, has given meaning to mankind to start wars, end wars, persecute others, raise others up. In other words: meaning. A WHY for the question of being here. Some of the greatest feats of mankind, and some of the most heinous acts of cruelty, have been enacted in the name of God. Giving those who perpetrate these acts meaning.
Not so much for me.
As a kid, I looked for meaning in God in the Protestant, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and Seventh Day Adventist religions. None of them held the answers I had been taught at home have meaning in life. Sure, they all adhere to the Golden Rule, believed in the ten commandments, wanted money, and the leaders all seemed to require a certain amount of adoration and adulation, but none of them worked for me.
My family eventually went from non-religious to Mormon. (Don't get me started on them). And that became the end of my search for enlightenment. Did I believe in God? Probably. Maybe? I don't know. But I do believe that mankind had twisted His Name into the battle cry to perform all sorts of atrocities on our own, and I have my own excuses for the wrongs I've done. I don't feel the need to blame Him (Her?).

So. Let's move on to Patriotism. Am I a patriot? I think so. I served in the Navy. Proud while I was active, and proud to say I did. But I joined because I needed a job. Not to serve my country, but to get a paycheck. I developed a sense of something greater than myself being a sailor. I learned from seeing other lands first hand how great our country was (is??) in comparison. But I also learned about an America more than my home town and county. I saw the dirty side of our cities and realized an uglier America than I had known growing up. Am I a patriot? Yes! Do I believe in America? I did. Her current direction of immorality and decay scares the shit out of me. I love my country. I just don't recognize her anymore.

And now family.
I don't know. I'm not even sure I understand what family is. Growing up, mine was dysfunctional. Grown up, mine fell apart. Now it's just Rose and myself. Our children (separate families, we had no kids together) are spread across the country. They don't depend on us, nor we them. And that works for us, though we wish it were different.
I never liked being dependant on anyone for as long as I can recall. I do like taking care of others. I need to ensure Rose has the things she requires to feel safe and secure. I even like to see my pets and livestock content. I find some meaning in being needed, even if its just making sure the chickens have food and water. They don't show any appreciation. But knowing they are cared for is enough.

And I guess that's what gives meaning to my life. Being needed. Taking care of things. Whether it's as little as taking care of my chickens, the love in my wife's eye, or being proud to be a part of the idea of America.

Oh, here's the article that started this rant. It's pretty good. It's about politics, but as I agree whole heartedly, thought I'd pass it along.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Typical CNN

Nothing new here. Just shows how democrats actually feel about anyone they disagree with.
Still, this needs to be seen, and since no one actually watches CNN anymore...

How CNN thinks of everyone not them.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Guilty until proven innocent

I haven't posted much about my thoughts on the impeachment. Those of us who believe in the constitution realize it's a sham, and democrats are blinded by their hatred.
But democratic Senator DICK Durbin just made a statement that shows this beyond a doubt:
"It's not the president on trial by the senators, it's the senators on trial by the American people. Will the senators side with the constitution, or blindly follow their loyalty to Donald Trump?"

NO allowance that the president may be innocent with regard to the constitution. It's one or the other and if you're FOR the president, you're an unconstitutional traitor.

So let me ask; who died and made Durbin God?

Monday, December 30, 2019

No title on this post

I just couldn't decide what to call it... "Good News"?, "Made Me Laugh"?, the typical "Good Guys With Guns"?
Just too many possibilities.
The first news story on the first email I opened this morning actually was a 'feel good' story NOT involving kittens or kids! (Well, there may have been kids involved in this story had it not been for a good guy with a gun, but it wouldn't have been a feel good story in that case by any means.)

Here's a link to a story with video taken inside the church in Texas where armed security took out a bad man who pulled a weapon. I almost fell off my chair laughing? (Am I sick or what!?)
Have a good Monday!

UPDATE: I just learned two people were already shot by this asswipe before he was rightfully blown away. I was NOT aware when I wrote this post. Damn it. Still glad he got it like he did though...

Saturday, December 28, 2019

2020 prediction

I predict Trump will be president after the 2020 elections. Not because he is necessarily the best, or because of any political affiliation.
It'll be because no one shows up.

America is getting so tired of politics as usual. Quid pro quo for me but not for thee. The rules only apply to the other guy.

The first paragraph of the first email I opened to peruse my morning mail as I drink my coffee this morning concerned the fact that Biden has re-stated that if he is subpoenaed to testify in an impeachment hearing, he will refuse.
Keep in mind, our president is being impeached for asking a foreign government to do him a favor for a favor (quid pro quo) which Biden admitted himself he did with a billion dollars of our money to be given in aid only if they kept his son gainfully employed, and for obstruction of congress for telling subpoenaed witnesses not to show up. Which Biden has just restated he will ignore any subpoena...

Do we even give a fuck? We, the huddled masses, sleeping in our tent cities in some of the greatest cities of the world, just DON'T FUCKING CARE anymore. We know its ALL quid pro quo in government, and has been for the living memory of most of us. We have the Pelosies of government, in an attempt to be 'just one of us' telling us how OMG 'hard' it was growing up. Her daddy a janitor. Having to lie about being an indian to get into college. How poor she was.
Until she got into politics....

Fucking barmaids, living on pay-by-the-hour wages being somehow elected to one of the highest jobs in the country complaining she can't afford to live in her district on 174,000 dollars a year, when she supposedly had to live there in the first place to be eligible to run from there.

Politicians telling us what to wear, what to eat, what to drive, how to this and when to that. Claiming ownership over our lands and proprietorship over our lives, while living high on our hog while we get the dregs.

Not a doubt in my mind Trump will remain president. The question isn't who will run the country anymore, or even who cares. The question is how long we will put up with this shit? Why show up when whoever is voted in either has no concern for anything but their own welfare, or making sure no one else is getting a bigger piece of our pie? And even those who may actually be there to make a difference being to busy fighting for their lives against the other mongrels in the pit in their own attempt to be top dog.

Billionaires and movie star idols in crystal mansions telling those of us toiling in the mud to support their lavish lifestyles while we're to filthy to enter their presence. Making sure we have enough beer and American Idol to keep us bowed and content like cows tethered in our little stalls chewing our cud while awaiting our turn to be milked, so the elite can have the cream while we fight over the whey.

Will it really make any difference? We as a populace no longer even hold our town leaders accountable. Politics has become the task of remaining in power to rule, not to govern, and we as Americans are happy to bow down to the authoritarianism as long as it happens to our neighbors and doesn't affect us. Too lazy, uninformed, or downright stupid to realize its only a matter of time until we no longer have even the pretense of freedom. Apathetically chewing our cud while career politicians and non-elected department 'heads' erode away our freedoms from the very god the were granted us by.

I predict Trump will win in 2020. But what is there left to win?

Sunday, December 22, 2019

I HATE yams

No, I really hate yams. I don't like the mushy texture, they taste (to me) like chicken shit smells, with added sugar. People who do eat them tend to smack, and the color is reminiscent of what I used to remove with the diaper from my baby's butt.
And don't get me started on the scorched marshmallow topping they put on this hated so-called vegetable!

So. Imagine my chagrin, if I happen to be at a liberal table at a Christmas dinner, and some well intentioned idiot actually passes me an otherwise perfectly good casserole dish filled with these filthy things? If I take some, I can practically guarantee that they will go to waste, as there is no way these are invading my sensitive taste buds. And if I don't, and push the dish away, what if it actually offends the otherwise reasonable sensibilities of the person who in some perverse sense actually thinks they are food?

Okay. This may be a bit off kilter. Its not as if I snatched the casserole dish and started flinging spoonsful of ugly orange mush against the festively decorated walls of the family dining room. Nor did I damage a perfectly serviceable receptacle bashing it into a million pieces against the offending liberal's head. (The 'serviceable receptacle' being the dish, not a liberal's head. Just wanted to make sure that was understood....). In this latter case, it would not just be my personal sense of taste, or my own feelings that are in danger, it is a case of destructive mischief at the least, and assault with a deadly vegetable at the worst, and such behavior should be punishable.

But I live in Michigan, was raised by reasonable parents, and have been taught a certain sense of decorum during my upbringing.
I would politely refuse, mumbling something about being allergic to any disgusting foodstuff that looks and smells like baby shit, and those who enjoy this sort of gustatorial infestation would have that much more to themselves. Good on 'em.

But those who enjoy yams don't care if I don't. They don't tie me to the chair and make me watch them eating them with such obvious enjoyment, while they smack their way through mouthful after mouthful. They do not degrade me for my preference for white potatoes, possibly with gravy, white or brown, and accuse me of vegetable bigotry.

Not so the LGBTQ+etc 'community'. And thank goodness I don't live in fucking IOWA! Where a 'repeat offender' is facing 15 years in prison for burning a gay alphabet flag. (Google it, too many hits out there for me to reference one...)
Okay. He shouldn't touch something that doesn't belong to him, and should have learned this in kindergarten. He has no right to tell others how they should feel, or what they should put in their mouths. Yams or otherwise. And he should be punished.
But fifteen years?
Well, says the public defender, its a hate crime.

WHO SAYS? Why do the gays and queers and lesbians get to be offended to the point that burning a piece of rainbow colored cloth deserves prison time, but burning the flag I gave 13 years of my life defending actively, and passively for all of my 55 years is regulated to 'freedom of speech'?
And why is it that real physical communities that have had all types/colors/sexes/ages/income levels since the development of the area are less important than the one fucking household containing a pair of same-sex lovers? How the hell are they more a 'community' than the entire block of diverse persons and personalities?

I'm not against gays. Any more than I'm against people getting old, or being young when they're born. I don't care how much money you have or how much you don't. The color or your skin will always mean less to me then your caliber as a person. And I don't care if you like guys, girls, or (consenting, age-appropriate) goats. I don't personally want to see you sucking face in public. Or any other body parts. I find it annoying. And therefore, I look somewhere else and let others deal with you making a spectacle of yourself. Wear plaid with stripes if that's your thing. I can and will keep wearing bluejeans and flannel shirts. You be you. Or as that great American, Popey the Sailorman, was wont to say: I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam! (apparently, he had no taste in vegetables either... he actually thought spinach was a food group. But YAMS!?) He never denigrated Wimpy for his oral addiction to hamburgers, or cared what Bluto did in his bedroom behind closed doors. Nor did he ever try to body shame Olive Oyl for her anorexic proclivities. Just went about his own business. Hell, I don't like tattoos, but you'll never hear me putting him down for his tasteful and non-discriminatory anchor tat.... He yam what he yam, after all.

And I don't think the fucking government has any right to prosecute 'hate crime' any more than it has to prosecute 'thought crime'. Thoughts, feelings, morality, NONE of them are any of the governments business. Nor mine. Nor yours for that matter.

How a person feels is no one's business but their own. Their actions, should they prove intrusive or abusive or downright criminal are. And should be addressed appropriately. But adding terms like 'hate' or 'intent' or 'potential' to crime is wrong, and only hurts the majority. You know; those of us who, through no actual fault or intent, hate.

Like yams for example.....

Friday, December 20, 2019

I like mowing

I've always enjoyed mowing. I go into a sort of Zen state as I walk behind the mower, usually starting on the edges and making smaller and smaller circles, squares, triangles, whatever shape the lawn happens to be, until I devour that last little bit with the hungry blades of the unstoppable mower.
This year I've told my landlord I'm more than happy to mow the open lawn and various walking paths cut through the acreage. He has a zero turn mower which should take my Zen mowing to a whole new level.
And with the zero turn mower already here and ready to go, I'm looking forward to it.

I just need to figure out how to convince him to upgrade to THIS: