Thursday, November 21, 2019

Home for the holidays

A heartfelt thank you to Doug C., Rose and I are in a warm, safe, and comfortable home in time for the holidays!
It's what I grew up calling a "mother-in-law" house. Far enough away from the main house you can't hear her bitch about what a rotten son-in-law you are....
We just got in today, boxes still all over, nothing put away since we've been lugging boxes for two days already, and the truck has to be back to the rental place tomorrow. (Note: it's still got some shit in it. It's going back late, but I'm too tired and sore to care).
Gonna go grab a shower. Then bed soon.
I just wanted to get this out and let folks know out there that thanks to the generosity of a reader, we are in a place we can afford, with our dogs, rabbits, rats, and this spring maybe some chickens, and YES, a garden!
And we truly feel blessed to be HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

For Pigpen51...

I'm moving to the east side on Wednesday and Thursday this week, but it would be cool to get together wif our spouses for lunch before I go. Pizza Ranch in Muskegon is a favorite of ours down your way. Sunday through Tuesday, anytime...?

Sunday, November 3, 2019


One of my readers, Doug C., has offered a solution to our untenable living situation. He has a small house next to his primary residence available, and after meeting with him and his wife somewhere in eastern Michigan yesterday, we've mutually agreed on a price, seem to get along well with similar interests, and Rose and I are excited as hell to be relocating on the 20th of this month!
There's already a garden plot set in a fenced off area, room for my medium sized dog to run off his 3 year old energy, a chicken coop built into a large barn I can start a new flock this coming spring, and is basically everything we were looking for in a home.
We are looking forward to the newest stage in our journey, and want to thank all of you, Dear Readers, for your well wishes and good thoughts.
(Send some out to Doug also, for coming through for us).

I'd like to say, also, that whatever trials you may be facing, there ARE answers out there. We, as Americans, and patriots, have each other's backs. Governments rise and fall, official organizations fail from the weight of bureaucracy, but WE will always remain. There are a thousand platitudes: teach a man to fish... Charity begins at home... Good things come to those... And the reason these sayings ARE sayings is because good people are out there being noticed for actually caring about others.
Personally, I can't see society continuing on the track its headed. I fervently see a time when we will only have each other to rely on when governments fail us. And I know we are strong enough to rise to the task.