Thursday, November 12, 2015

I probably just missed it..

It's possible. I can't get a decent signal out here for Internet. I don't have cable. No satellite disk. If it didn't happen in Oklahoma City, our local news never mentions it.
Basically, I'm just saying it's entirely possible I just missed it.

Can ANYBODY tell me where I can get the story of our Mulatto-in-Chief placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier over Veteran's Day?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Walmart will never go under

Walmart isn't too big to fail. It isn't even too cheap to fail.
It certainly isn't it's low prices,  bringing in the masses for cheap crap sold by apathetic cashiers, or the way self-deluded managers with delusions of grandeur treat the unwashed masses who would DARE question their godliness.
Nope,  it's the marketing genius of those who understand exactly how to use every opportunity to separate the sheeple from their hard earned cash.
Like New York rats,  and cockroaches everywhere, Walmart will continue to thrive because they have learned to live off of the backs of humanity.

Take, for instance, the current stunt. I ran into Walmart yesterday (yes,  I admit that I too have oft been led into their devious trap) and noticed a huge pallet in the middle of the main aisle containing a huge amount of green lightbulbs. I just figured this was some Halloween thing.  Until I saw a commercial last night telling me I should show my support for our veterans by putting a green bulb on my porch, or in my window facing the street.
Now I have nothing against veterans.  I are one. And yes, I go to Golden Corral for my free meal,  and if there were still something as patriotic as a veteran's day parade,  like my own dad did,  I would proudly wear my old uniform and carry the flag in it.
But Walmart does NOTHING for veterans. Unlike Lowes home stores,  which give 10% off ALL purchases to ALL veterans every day of the year, the only thing Walmart does is create a "support our vets" theme,  and then promote the sale of materials you can purchase to show support for this program.
They play on our shame and the opinions of our neighbors who fall for their insidious plans to make enough money to cover their lagging sales. They create from broadcloth a new tradition to show ourselves as Patriots and that we OF COURSE remember and honor our vets. Then sell us the silk materials to meet the needs of their program.

I will unequivocally NOT be burning a green light this or any other year. I think instead,  I'll go to the veteran's home down in Norman,  and spend some time listening to some old,  decrepit,  lonely old veteran tell me tales of his former days of glory. My time and attention is infinitely more meaningful to one old vet than a million green lights are for all other vets combined.

Walmart has never done a thing for veterans,  and this is the most despicable plot yet to separate all of us from our hard earned cash. Why don't they give .001 percent of their profits for ONE fucking day to a veterans fund? THAT might make a difference somewhere.
 With their green light special,  they're just making profits for themselves.
like I said: Fucking GENIUS marketing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blah blah blah, complain, complain. Rinse and repeat.

I just read an article over at Human Events Daily concerning government overspending at the EPA.
I'm not going to go through the whole article.  If you really feel the need to get upset over more blatant,  shove-it-up-the-sheep's-collective-ass government bullshit, follow the link.
What got me really pissed off was the whiny little pissants complaining in the comments about some of the statements the author put forth concerning various expenditures.
The futile effort of armchair politicians who don't really give a flying damn about anything other than the fact that they themselves aren't in on the gravy train.
The same type that when something,  anything,  goes wrong will be crying to the government to ride in on a white horse and save their sorry asses.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hoard for the horde

I know,  I ain't been around much. Things are rough all over...

My sister came in from Utah this past week,  and yes,  she is a devout Mormon. (Don't get me started!). So I went down to my brother's where she was staying during her visit,  and after the required hugs and "you look goods", her husband asked me what all I had on my ridiculously large key chain.
Nothing unusual, I get asked that a lot. Nothing fancy though: small knife,  fishing kit,  duct tape,  small screwdriver set,  flint,  striker,  electrical tape,  tinder pack, sewing kit, floss,  paracord, snare wire, med kit, and even keys.
He asked if I were planning for the end of the world?
Nope.  Just anything that might come along where I needed a bandaid or something... This is my every day carry shit,  as well as a multi-tool,  belt knife, phone,  couple of bucks, and of course, my wallet.
Being Mormons,  (don't get me started! ), he started going on about how they have a basement stocked with enough food and water for a year if things get bad.
Now keep in mind, this guy can't change a tire,  and I'd be afraid to hand him a screwdriver as he'd probably put an eye out trying to figure out which end goes on the screw. But like a good little Mormon,  (don't get me started!), he has obeyed his church's (valid and smart) edict to be prepared to take care of his family for a year or more if the fecal matter splatters the rotational oscillating atmosphere adjuster.
However,  he lives in Salt Lake City. Nice house, nice neighborhood,  two car garage and all the trimmings. No guns or self defense training.  In the middle of The Marauder Mecca. There's probably enough hoarded food in that city alone to feed America for a decade!
He is overwhelmingly confident that he will be perfectly safe if anything happens,  as he is surrounded by like minded good little Mormons,  (DON'T GET ME STARTED!) and everything will be hunky dory in his little world until things go back to "normal" and golden unicorns start flying out of all the surviving sheep's collective asses.
When, not if, the shit hits the fan, I'm going to miss him and my sister.  Hopefully they'll go quick and not suffer. Damn shame about all that wasted hoarding though.
I don't have my homestead up to par yet, but I'm working on it. Rabbits,  goats,  chickens,  ducks, pigs, small garden I plan to grown on yearly (pun intended,)  a natural screen of bamboo to keep from prying eyes, alternate heating,  and a reliable source of water. And rebuilding my arsenal as well as practicing my bowmanship and sling proficiency.
Will I and my wife survive the imminent collapse of our country?  Probably not. At this point it's just the two of us, and we're no match for a gang of marauders. But at least I'm being realistic.  I see no reason to stockpile a hoard for the hordes.

PS: Should of got a load of my brother in law's face when I showed him my get home bag out of my trunk...!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don't be frustrated, and teach our kids to be pussies

In my daily perusal of emails this morning, I came upon an article about how NOT to be frustrated.
The premise was to accept things that happen as a matter of course. Stuck in traffic? Just tell yourself that traffic happens. Do NOT think such thoughts as "this shouldn't happen to ME". This leads to thinking the universe 'should' be fair, and we constantly have to guard ourselves from terms such as should, must, required, or have to. Which of course only leads to frustration.
There is only ONE way to avoid frustration: Never try anything.
If you choose to create nothing, you WILL succeed. If you choose not to attempt something, you WILL NOT fail. If you never stand and state your opinion, you will NEVER have to defend it.
And if you accept your slavery, you will never have the opportunity to exercise ANY choice.
See? No frustration!
I get frustrated a lot! Is it because the universe isn't fair? OF COURSE IT IS.
If the universe were fair, there would be no reason to try anything new. We all could sit back and have our every desire and whim immediately manifested. No hangovers, no relationship issues, no money worries, hell, no worries of ANY kind.
But no accomplishment either. No failure to make us try that much harder. No victory in conquest, no accepting defeat and working harder to win next time.
Next Thursday, I'm going to visit the kids and grandkids. My grandson, who's four,  is on some kind of T-ball team. His last game of the year is Friday. My daughter asked if we'd be staying for his game. I told her Rose had to work Saturday, and we'd be leaving before the game to get back so she could rest before her work week started.
My daughter said that that was okay, because his coach doesn't put him into play anyway, because he gets distracted in the outfield.
This kid is FOUR! What the fuck is there in the OUTFIELD that's supposed to be that almighty interesting enough to hold the attention of a four year old.
And why would he want to keep focused, when no-one wins or looses anyway? Fucking bleeding hearts. So concerned with Little Johnnie's emotional equilibrium that they turn him into a simpering pussy unable to deal with reality. And yet have no problem telling a four year old he's not "good enough" to play in an actual game. Even when no one keeps score.
We're turning into The United States of Whose Line Is It Anyway? No one keeps score, and the points don't matter.
I'd love to see those fucked up liberal bleeding heart's faces when one of these kids hits highschool and has them in the sights of a sniper rifle after climbing the bell tower because he asked that cute little redhead in homeroom for a date and she told him to take a hike.
Poetic irony, that....

Monday, June 1, 2015

maybe I'll get a break...

By the time my disability check comes in every month, I'm always overdrawn. Which is the reason I opted for the overdraft protection on my account. There are times I'd rather pay the $34.00 fees than go without electric, food, or gas.
I was in this unfortunate position this month on the 15th, when a boat that I'm helping a friend sell, for a small commission, was bought from an unknown buyer.
Said unknown buyer sent me a check, which I deposited in my account.
After three days, when I didn't see the funds posted, I called the bank, and was informed the check was written on a bogus account, and due to possible fraud, my account had been placed on hold.
I went into the bank and talked to a manager, as I was concerned that my SSD check was coming in on the 20th, and I'd need access to my funds. I was told that I needed to open a new account to ensure the funds would be available, and did so.
I returned to the bank on the 20th to get a cashiers check for my mortgage, and was told that ALL accounts had been closed due to opening a new account with a negative balance on a held account, and my SSD had been returned to the issuing authority.


It will take up to three weeks for the government to issue me a paper check and get it to me in the mail!
Quite frankly, I can't make it even two weeks without a check coming in (yet), so have been scrambling to head off the nonpayment notices. Late fees and penalties to apply...

Last Friday, I received a check in the mail from the bank headquarters stating my SSD had been credited to a closed overdrawn account, and as it could not deposit the funds, had issued me this check for the balance.
I called the bank (recording, of course!), and verified that my SSD had been returned to the gubmint. They assured me it had.
Called the gubmint and asked if my deposit had been returned. They verified it had, and a paper check was being issued.

Today, I cashed the check...

the unmitigated stupidity of the left

I was listening to fox news radio today, and the subject came up on Rand Paul's  belief that the NSA should be prohibited from warrants that allow megadata collection, such as from Verizon for all customer records.
A self acknowledged liberal Democrat called in stating his belief that it should be allowed. How else would we know who the terrorists are, if the NSA doesn't already have a name or address?
He then went on to say, "I'm not a lawyer, but do they even have to put an address on a warrant?"

I fervently pray this man is awakened in the wee hours of the morning with a flashbang going off on his pillow due to a warrant with the wrong address.

Why is it always fucking idiots who baa the loudest?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

why we still have a tyrant in office

Most of us who follow preparedness blogs or have a libertarian/constitutional mindset are people who don't like being told what to do or how to do it. We are individuals who desire to live within a framework of just laws while doing our own version of our pursuit of happiness.
Which is why we still have a maniacal and evil dictator wanna-be in the White House.
I fully realize this is in fact my own failing.  I don't want to lead the free world. I don't want to hold that much responsibility. A true leader feels, and factually is, directly responsible for the lives of those in his charge. I have a hard enough time having to worry about myself and my wife. I lose sleep over her needing a new pair of shoes, or attempting to try to make my small plot of land produce sufficiently for our own meager needs. I'd be full bull goose crazy having to worry about a couple millions of the poor, huddled masses.
I'm not a leader. Nor am I comfortable being a follower. As our country was formed by the Constitution, that all men are equal, this middle-of- the-road attitude makes sense. Personal freedom requires personal responsibility. And that requires effort on our part.
Sitting here looking out at my garden I need to weed, finishing my coffee before I go feed my livestock, and running through the one hundred and one other tasks I need to complete is enough for me both mentality and physically.
But herein lies the rub. I'm not the only American with this attitude. Most of us who tire of the tyranny coming from our government are those who want to be left to our selves to live our lives in our own way, personally responsible for our own personal freedom. NOT responsible for every Tom, Dick, or Mary who only want a free ride with no accountability for their own welfare.
And governments thrive on on this. We have allowed or leaders to be selected from those who are raised by that same class of mentality where hard work and ethics is replaced with greed and lack of accountability. No longer do we search for honest men who take on the role of leadership reluctantly. We now have "leaders" willing to spend millions of (usually other people's) money in a grand competition for power. From George Washington, who gave up this honor as having done his time, we have come to the point of a self-centered, egomaniacal tyrant who would be king.
We have come to this pass due to our own willingness to let others live as we wish to live; free. We produce no leaders as no one of us wants the job. We produce no followers as no one of us wants to be told what to do.
I admit, therefore, to a certain amount of culpability in the current state of our once great nation. But it was people like you and me, a conglomeration of professionals and peons, coming to a simultaneous decision that the time had come that created this country. Hopefully the time will come again soon that we will simultaneously decide to take her back on

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Everyone's a critic

I love to cook. And it's extremely rare for a dish I create to get a poor review from those whose taste buds are assaulted by my vittles.
I also enjoy watching cooking shows. I like to see new dishes I'd like to try making my way (cheap!).
Today I happened on a show called 'Chef At Large'. This particular episode concerned a new fancy restaurant that has been open less than a month, and a food critic scheduled to review them.
Now I've been told by many that I should open a restaurant. It's not gonna happen, but I was thinking how I would handle some fucking arrogant snob coming into my restaurant to review me. I'd have the bastard seated as soon as he walked in the door, and then ignore that motherfucker the rest of the night.
No glass of water, no menu, and let him write whatever the fuck he wanted.
What's he gonna do? Write a scathing review of me not giving a flying shit what he thinks? The simple response to this would be "I don't care what he thinks. I only care what you, my patrons, think."
Now this may be backward, uninformed, possibly even a death knell for my restaurant. As I never plan to open one, the question will remain moot.
And the older I get, the more I tend to lean toward this attitude in any person who tends to be critical of others. I may not always be right, but as I am so seldom wrong, I just don't have a lot of experience in it. And frankly, I just don't give a shit what most people think. So anytime someone is so self deluded and pompous that they imagine their opinion should be the final word on anything, I generally just want to go bitch slap them.
'Critics' by definition aren't in the game to praise. Their sole purpose is to be critical. And heaven forbid anyone disagree! I doubt everyone likes the same things I do. But I do know what I like. Critical people who somehow think they are better than others and have an aggrandized view of themselves simply annoy me.
I don't require everyone agree with my point of view. We're all unique in our definitions of what's good or bad. It's not necessary for me to garner you're approval.
Because I'm right and you can just get over it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why survive?

I read an article this morning that got me thinking about why I prepare. Lets face it, we all have our ideal of what we want our lives to be. For some it's a material ideal, and others seek a more introspective goal of reaching enlightenment.
I started really thinking about what I really want as the final result of my worldly existence. What reasons do I personally feel make life worth living?
My fondest memories of growing up don't revolve around presents or gifts received as a child. I no longer remember, with some very few exceptions, what I unwrapped on most Christmas mornings of my youth. I do however still remember the anticipation as I waited for the day to arrive, waking early, and knowing I couldn't wait to open my gifts. But one particular Christmas morning stands out in my memory. As one by one my family awoke, we gathered around the tree, and just sat quietly. Then someone started singing Silent Night, and we all joined in. It was sung quietly, reverently, and for a short time we were just glad to all be together, all healthy, and life was quiet and serene.
There are very few days during my school years that stand out in my memory. But I can still picture in my youth every day my dad would take the time to give me undivided attention teaching me how to take care of animals, using hand tools to create something that had been a pile of leftover scrap lumber from some building project or other. How to set traps, use weapons, and process my take from the bounty in nature.
Now I'm not reminiscing on my mostly happy childhood to put you to sleep. I simply wish to set the stage as I get to the point of this post.
I don't want to die. I quite frankly have no intention of doing so. I've always been contrary, and with everyone trying to tell I 'have' to die sometime, it makes me more ornery and determined to prove them wrong. But why? What do I want to live for? America and the quality of all our lives has been constantly degraded by more and more regulation and violations of our rights. So what is it that keeps me getting up every morning to face yet another day?
I've given this a great deal of thought this morning. My granddaughter may be coming to stay for a week or so, and I've been trying to picture how to keep her 'entertained' while she's here. I have only the basic of TV, no computer, only the most basic of internet use on this POS phone. How am I going to keep her enthused about spending time with this broken down old man?
And I realized the answer lies in what gives MY life meaning. All of my fondest memories from half a century revolve around creation. Taking scraps that would otherwise go to waste, and using skills my dad patiently taught me, making a house for a family of birds to grow up in. Understanding the ring of life. Both in the birth of plants from the soil and animals from the womb. And so many small things. Painting a picnic table with my dad. Playing a mock up game of baseball with my brothers. Sitting in the woods, waiting for the squirrels to get used to my presence in their domain, and then NOT shooting one because they were having so much obvious fun. Then gathering wild plants for dinner so I could stay out in the woods and enjoy the LACK of solitude for anyone attuned to the life that abounds around us.
I realized this morning I'm not homesteading to survive, I homestead to live. To raise animals that will sustain my life, while enriching it so much in their births, their antics as they interact with both myself and their families. And yes, their deaths as I respectfully end their lives in order to continue my own.
If I can instill even a tenth of my reverence for the quiet life I prefer in my granddaughter, my life will not have been wasted. Even before I was disabled, (a relative term, btw) and I worked with drug addicted and sexually deviant teenagers, I used to bring in pots, soil, and packs and packs of vegetable and flower seeds and let any kid wanting to start a plant to nurture and grow. This simple act saved some of their lives. At least if the many who still call me on my birthdays can be believed when they say that was a pivotal point for them
So I'm not going to entertain my granddaughter. I'm going to let her entertain me as I try to instill in her that it's not he who dies with the most toys who wins. It's he who has had an enriched life on the enrichment of others.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

quickie note

any foolproof plan is dependent on the talent and ability of the fool...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

quickie note

I've been told guns cause crime.

I think mine are defective...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

an interesting observation

I wasted a good part of my morning googling dirty cop videos. There are so many out there, you could spend a good part of a MONTH doing this, but why bother? Just put "dirty cop" in the browser of your choice and watch the listing grow...
A lot of them show cops planting drugs on cars they've had alerted on by canines.
Now, "alerting" is anything from barking, smelling the ham sammich you packed for lunch, or even taking a leak on your tire. Whatever the dog does, even just wagging it's fucking tail, can be interpreted unequivocally by the officer that it "senses" drugs in the car.
Using this as an excuse to rifle through your vehicle, they then proceed to find the illegal substances the dog alerted on.
My question is, if the dog is that fucking good, why do they then REMOVE the dog to do the search themselves? Wouldn't it be easier to let the fucking highly trained and overwhelmingly more qualified dog's senses pinpoint the stash?

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who's afraid of the big bad USDA?

Received an email from Personal Liberty today touting the possible benefit of a new USDA application designed to help people save food by not throwing out perfectly good victuals just because of some silly little "sell by" date.
Now on the surface of this, it seems like something most folks reading this, including myself, would see as a good thing. With the economy under the Obama regime, who can afford to waste food? And I believe most folks here are also doing whatever they can to store a little extra beans, bullets, and band aids.
However, as much as I like the concept of this app, I have a certain distrust of ANY agency that has three letters, or begins with the two letters US.
I don't believe I want to use an app designed by the USDA to track my food storage. Or any government agency tracking anything about me; and yes, I know that they do and they are. But that doesn't mean I need to SEND it directly TO them!

for my brother

Mark lost everything in a recent house fire. He has a 24 year old daughter who is at a perpetual mental age of 2. He cares for his two grandchild boys under 10. Both he and his wife are in poor health.
I'm asking on his behalf to give him the support I cannot.


I can't seem to get the link on here, but y'all know how this shit works.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Okay, back into the fray

No, I haven't given up on our country. Our government, yes. The country, no.
But as I was perusing another site fomenting direct action against the PTB, a proposal I can't say I'm entirely against, a question came to mind.
There are a plethora of nihilists out there who have already given up. Convinced of the superior power of DC to overcome any resistance to their bid for tyranny.
Numerous times I've heard the argument that those in power have the full might of the "law enforcement" community, and control of the military, to put down any uprising of we revolting peasants. Or peasants revolting. Whichever...
And of course, I constantly hear the reverse of this premise; that honorable Americans, be they military or law "ignorant" officers, would NEVER fire on their fellow Americans.
While the news lately has been rampant with numerous occasions of our boys in blue doing exactly that, including shootings, beatings, mob mentality, and lying to defend the heinous actions of their fellows; whether they will stand against us is NOT the question I pose to you today.
My question is this: Are YOU ready to fire on them?
Before you jump up in your cammie-clad indignance, shouting HELL YES! while spilling your Schlitz malt liquor down your front, let me offer a scenario.

You're out on patrol. Creeping catlike through the forest in the late evening, looking for a known military force that has been looking for you. You're on point, and discover their camp. You also notice that the guard standing watch is your best friend from high school, is your wife's brother, and until he went to boot camp, the two of you were inseparable.

We talk constantly about how if the soldier, police officer, hell, the fucking Eagle Scout down the block were a PATRIOT, they'd be with US in the first place against the forces of evil

No thought of this poor schmuck trying to support HIS family. How if he goes against orders, it's HIS family rounded up. Nope, he's a TRAITOR.

So shoot that motherfucker.

But you'd better think about looking through that scope and pulling that trigger now.

And if you CAN'T, you better hope he can't either.
Or we've already lost.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When it happens

Unless you're here for the first time, you probably already know I'm a prepper. Not a survivalist, per se, but a person who strives to be able to maintain a certain level of civilized existence when winter storms take out the power,  have enough food for awhile if calamity hits to eat well for at least a month or two, that sort of thing. 

Reality just kicked in. Today, my sister-in-law called and told me their house was on fire, and it was a total loss. 

Believe it or not, I have my own go-to guy. My oldest brother, twelve years my senior, can do anything. Period. 

Anytime I find myself lacking in knowledge or materials; electric, heating, A/C, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, welding, or just an HONEST opinion of something, I go to him. 

I learned today that he can't save a lifetime of labor from an electrical short in his dryer.

Now I'm actually afraid. I saw an RV go up in flames in less than twenty minutes that I had been living in here on Turn Here Rose.  Thankfully, I had moved out of it when it burned, and didn't lose too much.  I KNOW the devastation a fire can produce first hand, yet it didn't hit me until today how unprepared I truly am. 

Thankfully his wife's sister lives nearby, and has room to take him and his family in, providing shelter and hearth until he can rebuild his home. But he lost everything. He had a house worth of irreplaceable memories, an attached garage that was the finest workshop I've ever seen, medications, food, clothing, water storage, his fucking LIFE in that house. And now it's gone.  

He was in the barn, and his wife and mentally retarded daughter were away from home, so he at least has one vehicle left and his family is unhurt, but he will have to rebuild 63 years of living with literally only the clothes on his back. 

Mark has needed surgery on both shoulders for years, is in constant pain from having his back broken some years ago, and both he and his wife are in very poor health. I, of course will do anything I can to help, but this level of devastation is hard to come back from for the heartiest of folk. And my brother takes pride to a whole new level when HE has to ask for help. 

I sit here, waiting for my wife to get out of work so we can drive down and see what we CAN do, and realize just how futile my plans relative to being prepared really are.  Five acres of land, and if a fire started on the 980 square feet my trailer sits on, all my work would be lost to the flames. 

Most of the little I have put away for emergencies will be going to my brother now. But as I restock my supplies, I realize I will have to separate this from my home. It truly is a simple and yet very profound adage that tells us not to keep all our eggs in one basket. Eggs, like our lives, are extremely fragile things. It's time I take stock of all I have in this basket, and maybe take stock of my thinking too.

Live well, Dear Readers. But live ready. 

Do men have feelings?

I was watching a 'news' program, you know the ones, nothing but puff pieces interspersed with the briefest of local happenings and here's the weather on the half hour.  (Like you can't look out the window once in awhile...)
So, these two 30-something women in almost but not quite the same yellow dress were 'interviewing' four supposedly well known male Metro-sexual types I'd never heard of, and of course, the life affecting questions of men's "feelings" came up. 
Between puking and laughing, I thought about some of the questions from my point of view. 
Now, I'm not an expert on men's feelings. And ANY man who says he understands women is a liar. But as these questions are apparently critical enough to warrant a half hour segment of what passes for news, I thought I'd post a few of the answers from my point of view. 

Question 1: Why don't men express their feelings? 
MY answer: We do.  Constantly. 
If Ifeel hungry, I express this by getting something to eat. 
If I feel horny, I express this by throwing my wife to the ground wherever we happen to be, and alleviate this feeling. 
If I feel happy, the corners of my mouth move in an upward direction. 
If I feel sad, I grab a beer, and repeat as necessary until the corners of my mouth move in an upward direction.
When I feel mad, I either break something, make something, or take something. 
Which covers hungry, horny, happy, sad, and mad.  

Men HAVE no other 'feelings'.

Question 2: Why do men get MORE upset when women ask them "What's wrong? "
MY answer: As pointed out above, men DO express their feelings. We, at least those of us who ARE men, are taught we are the providers, protectors, comforters, and the rock that stands against the tempest. We can live in a cave and eat raw rat, poop in the woods, wipe with leaves, (or not...) and never even notice when a minor scratch, say, cutting off a foot, accidently happens while chopping down a mighty Redwood.
When our efforts to be all this falls short, we 'feel' inferior to our own ideals. Leave us alone, we'll work out a solution, and life will eventually be better, and golden unicorns will fly out of our asses.
If we need help we'll ask. Just don't hold your breath waiting...

Question 3: What's the secret to a long marriage? 
MY answer: Keep your dick in either your own or your wife's pants, and don't get divorced. 

Question 4: What do you look for in a woman? 
MY answer: Someone who understands that men only HAVE five feelings, will make me a sandwich if I'm hungry, enjoy when I'm horny and can fake an orgasm in the face of even my performance, laugh at what makes me happy, make me a sandwich or give me sex if I'm sad, leaves me to myself if I'm breaking something, making something, or taking something, and Never, under any circumstances asks me "what's wrong?" when golden unicorns suddenly stop flying out of my ass.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Why mouth off?

I received an email from a reader asking why I haven't been posting anything about government excess, or poser - in - chief running our country into the dirt, or anything about any of the projected 2016 presidential hopefuls.

Why bother? At this point I see obummer declaring martial law before any election in order to prolong his empirical authority, using whatever black swan event it takes, whether an EMP attack, financial collapse, grid down, hell, he's such an egomaniac he probably thinks he can cause a CME!

And as I was reminded in a conversation with a man whose opinion I respect, Hillary's going to manipulate the vote ala the obummer school of political skullduggery, so 'at this point what does it matter anyway'?

Should I go on about the government, from Obama all the way down to your local selectman, violating our constitutional rights and regulating morality?

I know!  Maybe I should rant about the dumbing down of our children or the fact that schools are nothing more than a means to indoctrinate them into a future of 'sit down, shut up, don't question, and follow orders' as a good little member of the grazing herd!

Perhaps a nice post on stockpiling guns, bullets, beans, those heirloom seeds Monsanto hasn't fucked with, or some insightful tips on how to head for the woods and eat slugs dug from a rotting log until everything turns peachy again and golden unicorns fly out of our asses...

Nah. Why bother?  Anyone who follows this blog and others like it already know all this shit.  It's why we post scantily clad women, funny stories, and videos of cats jumping off telephone poles.
The world out there sucks. Sometimes it's nice to just come here and get away from it all until the PTB steps in and regulates our voices into silence.

Until then:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

XenoBabes - update

Lost my earlier photos. Damn it! Try these, with my apologies:

Thanx for the heads up B!

Friday, April 10, 2015

We NEED stevierayv!

When I fully moved to Turn Here Rose, and needed some help,  two folks rose to the challenge: One of my readers, Jim, and a fellow blogger,  stevierayv of YourcrazyuncleBubba.com.

Both of them had a WHOLE lot of fun busting me on my pitiful attempt to get a fire started. Jim is old, so I can let his disrespect slide, and stevierayv knew how to tow a trailer, so I'll be dammed of I'm gonna say a bad word agin HIM! 

But me and Jim have stayed in touch, and plan to git together next weekend, camp out overnight, and probably drink more than is good for us (especially for one of Jim's advanced years! ). 

It just wouldn't be the same without stevierayv though!  Tough SOB, knows how to handle a trailer, and this time HE can start the fire! 

Just need to send him some encouragement I guess...    Comment your collective assess off here folks!  Who thinks he needs to show? !!

(Oh, and by the way, anyone else wants to show, cool! The more the scarier!)

stevierayv aka YourCrazyUncleBubba

Anyone out there got this dude's nr? Left a couple messages on the only number I gots fer him, and no word yet.

If you can contact him, have him email me: xenolith1964@yahoo.com

Thanks y'all!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

open response to comment

I posted about the South Carolina murder of a 40 year old man by a cop. One of my readers commented that all cops are liars and dirty.
Not only do I agree for 99% of them, here's a little personal experience in my own family:

I have a nephew who has a high school diploma,  no advanced education, and couldn't even hack it in the Air Force, not making it past boot camp.
After not making it in the military (even the country club of the Air force) he landed a job as a clerk at one of the 7-11 stores in Oklahoma City.
One night an individual grabbed a woman's purse at the counter and took off.  My nephew jumped the counter, chased the guy seven blocks, and beat the holy hell out of him.
My nephew was lauded by the cops when they finally showed up, and had such an adrenalin high he decided he was going to go to cop school and do this for a living.
Now I love my nephew, but I firmly and wholeheartedly believe that those who choose law enforcement as a career are those same people whose only marketable skill is, and get off on, beating other people up.
And hide behind the 'authority' of the badge and the protection of the militarized boy's club.

One simple question

I'm quite sure everybody has heard the story or seen the video of a South Carolina cop shooting a 40 year old black man in the back as the man runs away. 
Rightfully so, once the video surfaced, and thankfully the person catching this turned it into the media rather than the police,  the officer was charged with murder. 
Having seen the video I happen to agree. 
However, I can't help but wonder why he wasn't charged in the first place before  the video came out. And reading the comments, I admit to being somewhat amazed by the overwhelming number of comments basically stating that we should wait until all the evidence comes out before making a rash and hasty decision of this cop's guilt. 
Please keep in mind that I am not in any way racist. And quite frankly this particular incident doesn't affect me in any way. I have no vested interest in the outcome, don't know any of the actors in this little drama, and actually have a very low empathy level in the best of cases. 
I know, what a self centered asshole, right?  Yep. 
But here's my main question: why isn't the cop's partner being charged as an accessory after the fact?  Did he somehow not see the first cop walk away from the victim, pick up the gun from back where he was standing, and drop it next to the dead man?  Did he report these actions?  
In light of the video, I'd personally love to read the submitted written reports BOTH cops turned in. I love a good fiction story! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

history tends to repeat...

A comment I heard on TV tonight about America 'flipping' on England got me to thinking. Don't worry, it didn't hurt as much as even I thought it would...

Two hundred and some odd years ago, the people living here were existing under a king who had absolutely no first hand knowledge of what Americans were dealing with. His concerns were only for how he could profit, with no interest in those whose labors supported his privileged lifestyle.
Needless to say, but I'm going to anyway, those whose labor was so blatantly dismissed didn't see eye to eye with their liege, and with no recourse to a fair deal, realized the only way they could change their position was to rebel.
Some of you may remember from history class this was the revolution that allowed our great nation to rise.
Americans were a stubborn breed.  Hardships were no deterrent to these brave men and women who faced a new and unforgiving land in order to live a life on their terms.

The biggest issue was the king was too far away and too disconnected from his subjects to hold sway over them.

Hmmmmm...  I find it interesting that almost every one of these conditions exist today. B.O. is so far removed from the rest of us as to barely qualify as the same species.  It is our labor and the sweat we the people shed that pays for his lavish lifestyle and excessive and extravagant vacations.
He sits on his throne issuing royal decrees in the form of executive orders, with only his own self importance as motivation. His privy council of yes-men and sycophants stroking his ego in order to gain the royal favor.

Those who cannot learn from history are destined to repeat it. And the similarities are pretty amazing.


Too many fucking people...

... Want to control us.
Everyone who reads this crap blog knows the issues I have with city officials. Code enforcers who drive around spending tax dollars in gas with the sole objective of fucking with 'the people' (in other words, us) in order to drum up money in fines for 'code violations'; militarized gestapo with a god complex who not only think they personally are the law, but that they themselves are above the law; and I could go on for another page and a half, but I think you can see where I'm headed here.
But more than them fucking with me, I get positively livid when these same fucking bureaucratic asshats mess with children! You know, shutting down lemonade stands because the kid didn't get a 'permit', thus crushing in its infancy the entrepreneurial spirit.
And then there's shit like this!
A dad wants to teach his kids to have an imagination; to grow up with the ability to dream; to be individuals.
"OH HELL NO!" Shout the busybodies of the community and the forces of authority!  "There will be NO individuals around here!" And then go into a trance-like state uttering with glassy eyes "conform... conform... conform...".
No wonder 'The American Dream' doesn't exist anymore.

It was murdered in our children...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Along with my last post

I was going through my inbox this morning,* perusing the articles on The Prepper Website, which is the epitome of the 'I didn't write it, but pay me for it anyway' type site I bitched about in my last post, and this article from Event Horizon Chronicles caught my eye.
The article is titled "Dictatorship Has Now Begun: Welcome To The Surreal."
Which all brings me to my next rant.
The author starts off rehashing the militarization of police, the dangers of the NDAA, and other shit everyone here already knows about, and then, without any further ado, segues into how everyone who really understands what's going on should move to fucking Ecuador to escape the evil that is our country. And offers all kinds of assistance to help you with the relocation!
Who the fuck is this anti American non-patriotic asshat to make ANY derogatory comments about America while deserting her?  And what a grand idea; everyone who loves their country should pack up and get out now!
That way there will be plenty of housing for all the illegals coming across our borders while we move into theirs!

Now I'm not one of those who actually hopes for open warfare with our own government, just waiting for my chance to bag my full quota of gubmint flunkies while raiding my neighbors and living a grand perpetual camping trip, hiding out and eating venison with pine sap dressing in my BDUs. I am a Patriot who will stand against the jackboots if and when they come, and do everything to support my fellow Patriots.
Turning my tail and deserting my post, America, is NOT an option.

It's bad enough Todd Sepulveda runs a blog that only reposts other Internet content. He should at least read the shit before posting it on a 'prepper' site.

*And yes, I have unsubscribed from this site,  this came in before I'd had the chance.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Every now and then...

I read my email, and see something worth passing on. I usually cite the paragraph or so that catches my attention and than add a link so my readers can go there themselves and read the whole damn thing  if they choose.
There are, of course, others out there without such scruples.
I read quite a few blogs from Constitutionalists, preppers, homesteading, that sort of thing, and some of the sites I go to just do a daily list of other people's blogs.
Now this is convenient in that I stay current with a lot of opinions and information I would otherwise miss, from sites I don't patronize, but it just strikes me as a damn shame that these people don't have the balls to post their own thoughts.
Are they afraid big brother will come after them if they were to be critical on their own behalf?
Are they illiterate, and afraid to write their own post in fear of being ridiculed?
Or do they just have a site in order to gain sponsors without having to actually think for themselves?

Just as an aside here, I have no use for those who seek glory on the coattails of heroes. So I will no longer be reading these blogs.

Have an opinion of your own.  Right or wrong, at least you can say you were one that counted!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I am so pleased...

... That Iran had made so many concessions in the negotiations with Kerry.
Of course, Muslims are told that lying to infidels is no sin, too. ..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So I'm nuts. I can live with that.

I'm 51. I'm disabled.  And I'm nuts.
I believe I should have a garden large enough to grow plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat seasonally and dry, can, or store long enough to make it through till my next crop.
I believe I should raise animals to eat. And know how to butcher and preserve the meat.
I believe that morality should still mean something, and you should stand for your convictions.
I believe I have the right to protect my self, my family, my land, and anything on it.

Apparently I'm nuts.

But I'm not ashamed.  I've done enough wrong in my life that I regret, but have come to terms with myself. Scars, both those that show and those that don't, tells us where we've been, not where we're going. But I've never been cruel to animals or children, I've never slept with another man's wife, and I've always treated my elders with respect.
But I freely admit to some misgivings that this is not enough.  I walk through the mall, and notice the signs in Victoria's Secret showing erotically (undressed) women, and then notice all the young children walking by with their parents, who are blithely unaware of the impact of these ads on their kids.
I allow governmental excess, laughing at the antics of politicians and their paid guards getting caught with their pants (literally and figuratively) down around their knees.
But I DO nothing. Each transgression against morality, freedoms, ethics, or the American Dream, is ever so slightly worse than the last that I have condoned, that it slips by unnoticed and unremarked.
And I sit here this morning, watching news about the latest child abuse, catching each and every commercial goading me to sue my neighbor (for some lawyer's profit), or telling me if I take THIS pill, my dick will be bigger, longer, and SO much more satisfying for HER, and can't help but think maybe I should be ashamed.
I certainly wasn't raised this way. If a commercial on TV were to show a woman in her sexy lingerie writhing on red satin sheets, they would have been outraged! ANY kid, theirs or someone else's would, at the very least, be verbally reprimanded for their ass showing above pants wrapped around their knees.
Hell, Nixon was impeached for wiring a hotel room while our president does it to the entire country.

I personally put pictures of naked women on this blog, but it was only a mere few decades ago I remember getting my butt reddened for looking at the Sears and Roebuck catalog bra section!
I too have become a part of the problem. This is the world we live in. It is NOT my parent's.  I have become staid and inured to the degrading of American values. And I can live with myself.
But is there a line I won't cross? Certainly.
But I wonder where my children's line will be. Or, if they will have the ability to set a line. Our government now sets the standards; ethically, sexually, educationally, and morally.
We as a nation of sheeple, yes, even those of us who bitch and moan internetinally,  take NO action.
No,  I'm not ashamed for myself. I just hope the generations to come won't be ashamed of me.
This is not my parent's world.  But neither will it be mine tomorrow.

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm (usually) a nice guy

When I first moved here, I lived under a 5x7 tarp while my wife stayed at our rented place in town.  I was spending my days working on clearing the area and trying to get things started. I had only met one neighbor, and figured we'd get along fairly well, as he is a second amendment kinda guy.
Then one day the Norman cops showed up. I asked what they wanted, and was told they received a call that I had abandoned my animals and were checking it. Now keep in mind, when I first went out to meet them, one asked if I were 'Steven'. NOT Mr Vanderhoff. The only person who knew my name,  (and coincidentally ONLY my first name) was the neighbor across the street from me.
No worries, I'm not a high profile kind of guy, and it could have been an honest mistake by someone concerned about the welfare of my critters.
Then when my wife moved out with me, we first lived under a huge tarp, 20x30', and this particular individual stopped over and asked if we could move our 'camp' back on the property, as his wife didn't like the look of it.
I promptly moved it closer to the FRONT of the property. Needless to say, relations between my neighbor, (Crazy Nick as he's known by every other resident in the neighborhood) and I have been rather strained since.
Now he has six large dogs that run around on his fenced in yard, and he constantly stands at his front door and yells at them. This is somewhat annoying, but nothing I can't live with.

After a few thefts on my property, I put up the above sign, just to be fair to the next person who steps on my land and leaves in a box.
I woke up one morning to voices outside my window.  Seems one of his dogs got out, and he and his wife were running all over MY land trying to catch him.  So I went out, and with the help of my dog, helped them get theirs and take him home. Neighborly thing to do right?
No 'thank you'. No apologies for trespassing.  No acknowledgment of the fact it was freezing cold and I'd offered my help.

Recently, someone dropped a stray dog off, and I took him in. He likes to go across the street to try to play with Crazy Nick's dogs through the fence.
This morning, as Rose was heading out the door for work, the mutt was across the street and Crazy Nick was yelling at him to get home.
Rose started calling the dog, and yelled her apologies to the neighbor. He shouted back at her that 'she'd better keep her fucking dog on our side of the street'.

I don't care that he shouts at his dogs all day, or shoots his guns at six AM on weekends.  His regular drunken rowdy friends over all the time, and the loud parties don't bother me. He leaves me alone, I'll leave him alone.
But he cussed my wife while she was trying to be polite.
I wonder if he has any fucking clue what a total fucking asshole he just pissed off?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Helping a good man who does good work make ends meet

You may notice a new sign there at the top of this blog.
Hanging birdhouse from a single log.

See, three years ago, this entire area I live in was burned to the ground from a wildfire set by a couple of fucked up punks thinking it would be cool to set a field alight.
Interior of one of the chests he's building. 
My neighbor, Jessie, lost everything. He and his wife live on her salary, and it's hard for them to get by month to month. (He has health issues that won't allow him to work away from home). So Jessie plants a really huge garden every year and has a vegetable stand he sells most of the harvest at by his front drive.
Large oaken chest in progress. 
He's also turning the lemons the fire left him into lemonade by creating some absolutely fucking gorgeous tables, benches, chests, and birdhouses out of the dead trees on his property.
A cedar chest from a solid log. I'd kill for this! 
Jessie has helped me out a lot since I moved into the neighborhood, and I'd like to see him make a buck or two.  He deserves it!
This is the cedar chest above, lid closed.
Wish I took better pictures, this is absofuckinglutely gorgeous!
So, I took some pictures of some of his work, most still not quite done, and created that ad. I get NO compensation from either the ad, nor the sales of any of his shit. He has a site on Facebook; koenigkreations@facebook.com.
This accent table is free standing, and about 3' across the top!
Check him out, pass this info to yer friends, hell, repost!
This one works for the guy who has everything, and likes both chest, AND legs.
(Not lacquered yet, but still a beauty! )
He's a good man who does good work, and my photos don't do him justice. 
Log bench in progress. This would be great
around a fire pit, huh? 

Oh, and by the way, yer supporting the III here...

Molon labe!


I laughed so hard I peed a little!

And then I read THIS and REALLY laughed!


make sure you read the comments they posted.

Just dreams...

I just read a couple of interesting posts this morning. One concerning how the government takes your right to bear arms and then forces you to pay for a 'license' to get them back in the form of a concealed carry permit, and another over the fear mongering by the government's lapdog, the mainstream media, as it stresses to us over and over the necessity of interference by the PTB in our lives for our own safety.
One of these days I'll learn to wait and read my mail later.  I hate getting pissed off before I've even had my first cup of coffee!
I don't have any issue over paying to use public roads, it saves wear and tear on my car, and I don't have to cut down all those pesky trees to get where I'm going. But forcing me to pay another tax every year to register my car, require me to get a license to drive my car, then using both to keep track of me and every other aspect of my life PISSES ME OFF!
And then off course, the MSM constantly harping on how we have to interfere in this country's politics,  or that country's ethics to somehow preserve our American Way Of Life, while the PTB are giving America to illegal aliens and Islam, somehow just PISSES ME OFF!
I like my coffee, red meat, beer, a bunch of dogs, and doing stupid shit that might get me hurt just because it's fun!
My PARENTS taught me not to drop my pants in public, treat the elderly with the respect their years have earned them, honor my country, choose and follow my own beliefs, and cleave unto the cleaver of my preferred cleaving orientation, while treating the fairer sex with courtesy and respect. The "golden rule" should always be adhered to, and always try to ensure my actions didn't harm others.
I was allowed to put scissors in a light socket! I only did it once, and better to learn to respect electricity with a good solid jolt of 120 volts than die fucking around with 240! I ate candy and drank sodypop. I rode my bike without a helmet and climbed trees forty feet high.
I hunted using a (shudder) UNREGISTERED real gun, whittled with the pocket knife I carried since first grade, which I actually carried in school, but knew to keep in my pocket, and ate what was put in front of me, or had the option to go without.

Reading two separate articles which hit on my two biggest issues with big government first thing in the morning can't be helping my blood pressure.
When the PTB allows laws "for our own good" while giving illegal aliens and foreign beliefs sway over us, then the American Way of life is already gone.
The "American Dream" isn't all that difficult to achieve if the bigwigs in power would simply leave us to live it. It's not some prescribed and steadfast set of rules for everyone. Some love the money game; wheeling and dealing and seeing who dies with the most toys. Some prefer romance; caring for hearth and home and the needs of family or spouse. Some prefer the silence of nature; spending time on land THEY own and coaxing a living from the earth. There are even those who thrive on publicity; the beibers and gagas who get off on wild displays of idiocy.  Well bless 'em all!
The American Dream for me is to be left to live or die doing what I can with what I got. Using skills and training gained over more than half a century on this rock. NOT being told what I should or shouldn't do or how I should do it. Not being told I can or can't do something 'for my own good' and then being punished for not bowing down to the demands of those who think they can run my life better than I can myself. Fuck 'em. In MY dreams, "this" really does equal six inches...

Coffee's done.  I'll be back sometime after my blood pressure gets back to normal... Think I'll have a cigarette with my coffee while they're both still legal.

So what's 'the dream' for you?


Thankfully just a nasty kidney infection. Gotta lay off the beer and drink lots of water.... Which is kinda nasty in itself.  Fish fuck in that stuff!
Still, I can do without any additional aches. Between my shoulder and this, not much gonna git done around here. And I still have to dig out my sewer line, finish the last 15 feet of skirting and put the trim on, and put handrails on the front steps.
Oh well, life goes on. Deal with it!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Haven't been posting much, I know.  It's been a tough week, and I'm finally giving in.
Monday I woke up with a sharp pain in my lower left back.  Figured I've been overdoing it since the weather has been mostly nice, took some advil and ignored it.
By Wednesday, it'd started to spread down my left leg, and it took most of my reserves just caring for my livestock.
Yesterday I gave in and had Rose call the doc. Going today at 1:00, and get this shit checked out. Can't function worth a fuck with my back shooting pain every time I move, and got too much work to do to stop.
I HATE going to the doctor's.  Seems like every time I do, they come up with some other way I'm trying to die. Haven't they learned yet I'm too fucking stubborn to kick off?
Maybe I'll just stay home and drink some water or something...

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Also known in the blogosphere as hiswiserangel, this sassy red head dynamo is not only Mom to her two girls, but also to many of us!
ANY one in need knows she'll be there, leading a brigade of Patriots she gathers at her call.  And they all follow because she's... well... Angel.
She has done more for me, sight unseen, (her good fortune! ) than most family members would.
Both my wife and myself think of her as family. Of course, she IS family to so many of us here: sister, mom, that eccentric aunt we all hope no one knows about, and I've heard Websters dictionary replaced Lindsay Wagner's picture with hers on the definition of Wonder Woman.
(Who else could convince Wirecutter to write his memoirs?)
She's funny, annoying, outspoken, shy, bright, naive: she's a lot of things to a lot of us; and as contradictory as she is a stabilizing force for all for us.
God's bless you always, Angel.  You are loved by so many!

Look her up.  You'll never regret knowing her!
The Lonely Libertarian


Thank you. Rose has a birthday in July, and this will let me get her something nice. It's been too long since I've been able to do that.
aka Xenolith

The 'bring it on' moment

I was born a poor black child... Oh wait.  That was a Steve Martin movie.

It doesn't matter where I was born, I don't remember that particular aspect of my existence. But I was raised in a small farming community on the east coast of Michigan's lower peninsula. Retired army dad with a full pension and a good paying job. Three brothers, two sisters, and of course I was the baby.
Keep in mind, I'm old. This was back around the time of the Cuban missile crisis, and everyone was aware of the potential for nuclear war.
We had a 'fallout shelter' built six feet under ground, cots, food, water, clothes, everything my parents could think of to take care of and protect the family.
We also had a huge garden every year, raised cattle, hogs, goats, chickens, and butchered and preserved both enough meat and vegetables to last at least till the next year.
I was RAISED to be a prepper. Mostly out of my parents fears of people in power doing something stupid.
Now we have a new prepper movement out there. And I agree whole heartedly with the concept of self reliance.
What I don't agree with is these gung-ho idiots who WANT the shit to hit the fan so they can go play Rambo, or sit on their porch with the lemonade they made from fruit they grew in their solar heated hothouse, watching their crops growing all around them thinking "See?  Told ya so.".
The PTB aren't sitting in Washington wringing their hands and hoping the sheep never awaken.  They WANT us to start something.  Obama would like nothing more than to have an excuse to proclaim martial law. And think how many police behave like they can do whatever they want NOW. Can you even possibly think how bad it will be when they CAN?
We 'right wing gun nuts' and Grizzly Adams wannabes are long on talk, (and I'm including myself here), but for the most part short on action. I strive every day to become more proficient at homesteading, and increase my sustainability levels if our government were to fall. But what if it doesn't?
What if it's not the fall of our government that causes the crisis, but the crisis of government that causes the fall?  Internet will no longer be an option as the PTB will control ALL access.  Cell phones are easily shut down. They already control main stream media. And while some sit smugly thinking they'll head to the hills and play hit-and-git like Wolverines, the reality is far less entertaining.
Our own government is the enemy. Not Russia, not China. When the world goes to hell,  (and it pretty much is), we won't have to worry about them. It's those who can reach us we have to be wary of.  And absolute power not only corrupts absolutely, it desires nothing more than to grow. Even the most philanthropic minded individual doesn't give away everything. They too need to maintain themselves and their families. Does anyone truly believe governments are any different?  The only thing they give away is other folks money. They only pass authority to those who support theirs.
Our nation has become corrupt, and soiled by the greed of politicians. We the sheeple are left to graze in our little pastures, fertilizing the land THEY control with OUR preparations, while they sit and laugh at our futile efforts. They want you to start something, Rambo. Go ahead and hate your black neighbor. Burn that synagogue. Make all those plans to pillage and burn when the shit hits the fan.
It's not if, but when.
We must not allow them to turn us against each other. We must not only prepare for ourselves, but for our neighbors as well. The PTB are united and strong. We must unite and be stronger.

Keep your powder dry, neighbor!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

We forgot to set our alarms and our nation sleeps on...

When are we as a nation, born out of our ancestors in a desire to be free, going to wake up? Even those of us lucky enough to have made a decent life for ourselves, and hopefully our descendants, have to fear that it can all be taken in one moment.
Who among us can claim that there is no niggling fear in our minds as we lay awake in the small morning hours categorizing our achievements, that our own government can, and many times has, stolen the fruits of these achievements?
Those of us who are poor have little enough to make it through a single day. Leaving what little we have therefore even more precious.
Those managing a comfortable life; nice house, two cars, 2.5 kids, and having managed to find the American dream, can lose it all through one calamitous event. The cost of a single operation from an accident can be devastating, and a mathematical error on a tax sheet can be ruinous.
And yes, even those among the rich fear. Our Government has become a collection of the best career politicians money can buy! But what if you buy the wrong one?  A million dollar investment to ensure your financial security can just as easily be taken by the next. Our politicians care less about our lives than they do that of the cows butchered for their next steak dinner;  so long as the millions keep rolling in.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence weren't all rich any more than they were all poor.  They were farmers, lawyers, business owners; a mix of average men who decided they no longer wished to live under the fear of someone else deciding their futures.
What they had, that we don't, is a clear focus of an enemy separate from themselves.  They saw through their own eyes the wrongs being thrust upon them, and we're able to unite amongst themselves against a visible threat.
Our society has become a nation blind and pacified through 'reality' tv, hero worship of celebrities, be they athletes (some of whom are so uneducated as to barely enable them to sign their own name to their million dollar contacts), or simply born by natural means to be better than average looking, thereby somehow making them above the rest of us.
We no longer have a meaningful say in who will our will not rule over us unless we have the money to back the right horse. Our 'go along to get along' mentality has pervaded every level of society from the Regular Joe who entered politics to somehow make a difference, down to those who turn on their neighbor to get a pat on the head from a big brother system only determined to keep us segregated.

I don't have a long list of links to insert here to prove some kind of plot, or another government cover-up or excess. Why bother? If you can't see the direction of our nation, nor the tyranny we live under, its already too late for you. I don't need to produce (usually fictitious) graphs or pie charts to validate what is right there in front of us.
As a NATION we must open our eyes, get out of our recliners, and WAKE UP before the American dream becomes an apocalyptic nightmare!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I've been through a hell of a lot over the past two years, and have met, both physically and internetinally (and yes, I DID just create that word (patent pending)), a LOT of great folks, and thought I'd do a spotlight post on the best of them. This is in NO order whatsoever,  and I could just do one post, but this way leaves me more raw material!
Trust me, if you haven't been mentioned yet, you WILL be!

Anyway, PHIL.  You know who you are. This scrawny, OLD, cantankerous SOB is plain and simple the salt of the earth!  He bitches more than both my current AND ex-wife,  yet managed to send me enough for a sixpack on my birthday when I needed a boost.  He is pugnacious and determined more than the hardiest bulldog, and spends WAY too much energy on a car I hope he will someday get maybe on the road possibly.
Devoted to his wife, he consistently works on her sister's car, while bitching and moaning, knowing full well it makes him feel good to be there for her, because he's needed. 
This old fuck is probably my best friend.  1. Which I should probably apologize for mentioning in public to avoid him the embarrassment,  and 2. I've never even met him! 
He's a blogger buddy,  and you REALLY need to check out The Vulgar Curmudgeon.  (The name alone should day it all!)


Kinda liked this one...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's a start

Not what I was hoping for, but it's a start! 
This is what I have for a garden this year.  Only 13X13, but considering I had to turn it by hand,  and it took me 3 days to turn it, and another 2 to rake it clean,  I'll take what I can get! 

I have corn, green beans, beets, sunflower, peas, onions, acorn, zucchini, yellow, butternut squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes,  pickles,  and spinach, so I'm pretty pleased for now. I doubt I'll have enough of any of them to do much canning, but it will help keep down my produce bill this fall. 

I also started my salad greens inside, and have transferred them into my small salad garden:

This has kale, spinach, tomato, romaine, Bibb, and Simpson lettuces, cabbage, and collard greens.  

I have my herbs started in the house, and will be putting them in larger individual pots outside for the warm months, then bring them back in for the winter.

Working on the front stair railing tomorrow. Hopefully get that done and then get the aluminum skirting done.

It may be a small start, but my attitude toward life gets better with every task completed. Better to start small and add on then do nothing...

I know. Boring shit. But hey, again, better than nothing.
Take care my friends. And keep your powder dry!

Friday, March 13, 2015

About that cancer thing

Said I'd let ya know about this leukemia thing, right? Well, the results are in and I seem to have something called Splenic something leukemia.
Basically, it's a blood cancer that originates from the spleen and affects the white blood cells produced in the body's bone marrow.  No, I don't know (or care) how this happens.  I have a 'sightly' enlarged spleen with no other inordinate side effects; it's a 'non-Hodgkins' cancer; less than 1% of leukemia patients have it; and by the time it kills me, I'll have more than likely already been dead from old age anyway.

Kinda like I told my wife Rose: I lived through being shot with a .12ga at point blank range; fucking leukemia ain't got shit!

Who said it... About whom?

Let's start today with a little guessing game.
I read this in an email yesterday, and thought it might be fun to see if my readers got the same impression I did. I'll paste the relevant paragraph leaving two blanks, and let's see if you come up with the same gut feeling I did:

The                              said :
“This new authority is aimed at persons involved in or responsible for the erosion of human rights guarantees, persecution of political opponents, curtailment of press freedoms, use of violence and human rights violations and abuses in response to anti-government protests, and arbitrary arrest and detention of anti-government protesters, as well as the significant public corruption by senior government officials in                        * .” (http://www.cnbc.com/id/102488102)

My first thought was it must be a Patriot talking about Washington DC... Because the real answers would be WAY too much hypocrisy, right? Right?

*Actually, this was from the White House referring to Venezuela...