Thursday, December 11, 2014

I know, I know!

Sorry for no posts in so long.  Couldn't afford the payments on my cell phone,  so I'm using a fucking Trac phone for Petes sake. Now I can't even read my emails out on Turn Here Rose!

Had a lot of issues with the trailer,  including a broken frame that looked like it had been cut most of the way through.  But I actually ended up with a nicer one through the benevolence of local reader.  But more on that when I get the chance.

Electric pole goes in tomorrow,  and as soon as I can afford the electrician and materials,  I'll actually have light!  Gas for furnace and cooking/hot water gets put in on the 29th.

I miss all of you. Things are a little(?) tough still, and I never did get the AR-7 Jessie In DC offered me. So with no defense against predators,  I'll have to start the flock over this coming spring.

Pigs are doing well.  Had some piglets that I sold to make ends meet, and I think Momma might be pregnant again.  I'll know in a couple of months for sure.

Thank you sincerely for those of you who still send me encouragement. And special thanks to Burt. (You know who you are...)

Got to run, but wanted to let you know I'm still alive, this blog is still active, and I'll try to make one post every week from now on at least.

Love you, folks.  Keep your powder du!