Monday, July 15, 2019

If it's good enough for...

I don't know how many of you, my dear readers, have ever spent a night in our country's many, many jails, but as statistically one in four Americans have been incarcerated for 24 hours or more at least once, I'm guessing a couple of you are familiar with the stainless steel all-in-one toilet/sink/water faucet apparatus provided for alleviating all those watery needs of the inmate.
Essentially, the sink and drinking fountain are built into the top of where the tank usually sits.
So, effectively, one could almost say you are required to "drink from the toilet".
As far as I can tell, it has never done any lasting harm to our own citizen law breakers. So I doubt it's gonna hurt those law breakers who are NOT citizens.
Besides, my dog has been drinking from the toilet since he grew large enough to reach the bowl. So if it's good enough for him....

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


To all Americans, let me wish you a happy and healthy Independence Day.

Do we wish each other a merry December 25th? Nobody in my 55 years has EVER wished me a Happy January 19th. And that's my birthday. They wish me a happy one.
So fuck all you who want to have a happy Fourth of July. Let's wish AMERICA a happy birthday, and hope every American celebrates a happy and patriotic Independence Day.