Thursday, April 16, 2015

Okay, back into the fray

No, I haven't given up on our country. Our government, yes. The country, no.
But as I was perusing another site fomenting direct action against the PTB, a proposal I can't say I'm entirely against, a question came to mind.
There are a plethora of nihilists out there who have already given up. Convinced of the superior power of DC to overcome any resistance to their bid for tyranny.
Numerous times I've heard the argument that those in power have the full might of the "law enforcement" community, and control of the military, to put down any uprising of we revolting peasants. Or peasants revolting. Whichever...
And of course, I constantly hear the reverse of this premise; that honorable Americans, be they military or law "ignorant" officers, would NEVER fire on their fellow Americans.
While the news lately has been rampant with numerous occasions of our boys in blue doing exactly that, including shootings, beatings, mob mentality, and lying to defend the heinous actions of their fellows; whether they will stand against us is NOT the question I pose to you today.
My question is this: Are YOU ready to fire on them?
Before you jump up in your cammie-clad indignance, shouting HELL YES! while spilling your Schlitz malt liquor down your front, let me offer a scenario.

You're out on patrol. Creeping catlike through the forest in the late evening, looking for a known military force that has been looking for you. You're on point, and discover their camp. You also notice that the guard standing watch is your best friend from high school, is your wife's brother, and until he went to boot camp, the two of you were inseparable.

We talk constantly about how if the soldier, police officer, hell, the fucking Eagle Scout down the block were a PATRIOT, they'd be with US in the first place against the forces of evil

No thought of this poor schmuck trying to support HIS family. How if he goes against orders, it's HIS family rounded up. Nope, he's a TRAITOR.

So shoot that motherfucker.

But you'd better think about looking through that scope and pulling that trigger now.

And if you CAN'T, you better hope he can't either.
Or we've already lost.

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