Saturday, April 4, 2015

Every now and then...

I read my email, and see something worth passing on. I usually cite the paragraph or so that catches my attention and than add a link so my readers can go there themselves and read the whole damn thing  if they choose.
There are, of course, others out there without such scruples.
I read quite a few blogs from Constitutionalists, preppers, homesteading, that sort of thing, and some of the sites I go to just do a daily list of other people's blogs.
Now this is convenient in that I stay current with a lot of opinions and information I would otherwise miss, from sites I don't patronize, but it just strikes me as a damn shame that these people don't have the balls to post their own thoughts.
Are they afraid big brother will come after them if they were to be critical on their own behalf?
Are they illiterate, and afraid to write their own post in fear of being ridiculed?
Or do they just have a site in order to gain sponsors without having to actually think for themselves?

Just as an aside here, I have no use for those who seek glory on the coattails of heroes. So I will no longer be reading these blogs.

Have an opinion of your own.  Right or wrong, at least you can say you were one that counted!

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Phil said...

There is one I ran across that reposts every post from WRSA. That's it.
No original thoughts,never adds anything.

What's the fucking point here Sport?
If I want to see what CA has to say, I go to WRSA!


I have seen several places just like it too.

I just don't get it.

It's a BIG no no to copy and paste other peoples entire pieces of work.

A few lines, a paragraph or two at most, then a link to the original author.

It's not that hard to come up with original content, all ya gotta do is write down whatever happens to be streaming across your brain pan at any one moment.