Monday, April 13, 2015

Why mouth off?

I received an email from a reader asking why I haven't been posting anything about government excess, or poser - in - chief running our country into the dirt, or anything about any of the projected 2016 presidential hopefuls.

Why bother? At this point I see obummer declaring martial law before any election in order to prolong his empirical authority, using whatever black swan event it takes, whether an EMP attack, financial collapse, grid down, hell, he's such an egomaniac he probably thinks he can cause a CME!

And as I was reminded in a conversation with a man whose opinion I respect, Hillary's going to manipulate the vote ala the obummer school of political skullduggery, so 'at this point what does it matter anyway'?

Should I go on about the government, from Obama all the way down to your local selectman, violating our constitutional rights and regulating morality?

I know!  Maybe I should rant about the dumbing down of our children or the fact that schools are nothing more than a means to indoctrinate them into a future of 'sit down, shut up, don't question, and follow orders' as a good little member of the grazing herd!

Perhaps a nice post on stockpiling guns, bullets, beans, those heirloom seeds Monsanto hasn't fucked with, or some insightful tips on how to head for the woods and eat slugs dug from a rotting log until everything turns peachy again and golden unicorns fly out of our asses...

Nah. Why bother?  Anyone who follows this blog and others like it already know all this shit.  It's why we post scantily clad women, funny stories, and videos of cats jumping off telephone poles.
The world out there sucks. Sometimes it's nice to just come here and get away from it all until the PTB steps in and regulates our voices into silence.

Until then:

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Irish said...

Well, looks like you summed it up good Xeno. :-)