Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Humble Thanks

I would like to thank my blog friends, and I won't list them by name as I would hate to leave one out, (You know who you are!) who have mentioned my straits on their own blogs. God bless each of you.

And I would like to thank the people who have responded. There haven't been a great deal, but I'm not complaining. Every dime that you generous few have sent me has gone a long way to keeping me going. I had one lady from the United Kingdom donate some 'pounds' to me. That was a first for me, and also greatly appreciated.

Here's a quick update on Turn Here Rose: My pot-bellied sow had her get the other day. TEN of the little runts. We lost one, but the other nine are doing well. In about six weeks I can start selling them off and make a couple of bucks that way. Six weeks is a bit of a stretch, but thanks to you folks out there, it looks like I just might make it.

Now if I could only get the code inspectors off my ass and figure out how to get this 'substructure' up to "their" standards...

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