Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More ridiculous government agency red tape

Remember in a couple of earlier posts how I rant about Government Agencies being created by Congress, so they can make 'rules' (that have the force of law) so that Congress can do more important shit.

THIS is the kind of crapload of bureaucratic nonsense we end up with!

Lets recall over 18,000 cars and replace the entire visor, because a sticker MIGHT come off that warns you of the dangers of an airbag you MIGHT get hurt by due to its deploying, because the same Agency that requires the airbag that may injure you, requires the sticker to warn you.

Remove ALL government agencies abilities to arbitrarily make up 'blue' rules that cost we, the taxpayer, billions of dollars every year.

Restore common sense to government. Or better yet, just get rid of the idiots in office now.

(H/T to Marooned)

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