Saturday, November 9, 2013

Socialism. Lets teach it to our children

I just watched this Afterburner program by Bill Whittle, (linked above), and this one really hit the target.

Parents not allowed to encourage their kids when they do well? Not allowed to comfort them when they screw up?

WTF??? Kids are going to lose. Sometimes.
Kids are going to win. Sometimes.

Learn how to deal with it. Just because your namby-pamby, effeminite, metro-sexual, manicured motherfucker of a father couldn't hit a ball with a bat a mile long, doesn't mean YOU have to be a nannystate fucktard. Does it?

If nobody loses, who wins? If hard work doesn't pay off, why work? If losing doesn't fucking HURT, who cares?

If being losers is an okay state of affairs, we can just go on about our lives under barack obama. What does it matter at this point?

Dumb asses...

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