Thursday, November 21, 2013

Patriot Movement: The KKK without the sheets

This little tidbit of information came by way of Down Range Report. Apparently, the KKK is no longer the powerhouse, white supremacy, Democratic group they used to was. They somehow morphed in to the Patriot Movement when we weren't looking.

On a History Channel show on the history of the KKK:

 As the program was winding down the commentator said the Klan today has lost most of it's members and is no longer as powerful as it once was and they have mostly discarded their white robes for more normal dress and they have morphed into the current Patriot Movement.......

I'd love to get a copy of the show Duke was watching: Sit back, grab a cold one, and wait for just the right moment...and throw a large, fairly fresh dog turd at the TV.

Don't judge.

(Dukes story here)

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