Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two is one and one is none

That's a prepper creed. If you have one, and it fails, or you lose it, or it's taken from you, you have none.

If you have two, you have a second chance. And let's face it, ALL of us have needed a second chance after screwing up at least once in our lives. Personally, I'm on about my 43rd second chance.....

So it really riles the hell out of me when I see some smartass 'Survivalist' online promoting making a "Fire Kit".

You know, a box, tube, baggie, condom, whatever, filled with 999,999,999 ways to make fire. Flint, Bic, soaked cotton balls, cord for bow drill, matches, Zippo, magnifying lens, flame thrower, jet fuel, nuclear reactor, and Johnny the Human Torch.

IDIOTS! Tip that canoe over on a cool day and watch your fire 'kit' float downstream while you shiver on the bank. NO THANKS.

So, let's see what happens if I, for some unfathomable reason, need to start a fire:

Flint rod on cord around my neck
Flint rod w/magnesium in my pants pocket
Bic in my pocket (I'm lazy. This is my 'go to' choice)
Flint rod w/magnesium on keychain
3 Petroleum Jelly soaked cotton balls in container on keychain
2 petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls in small container in pocket
and don't even get me started on what I keep in the car.......

For steel, I carry:
Knife in boot
Knife in front pocket
3 knives on keychain
Knife in hat
Knife in shoulder style holster
Knife in wallet
Knife on belt (3) (okay, one of these is a small hatchet, but it counts, damnit!)

Anyone out there need a light?

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