Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Putting on my tinfoil hat here...

But it seems to progress obummer's agenda to rid the world of the evil coal mines, that West Virginia had this chemical disaster. There is a lot of shaky ground here.

As a freakin' janitor, I had to have OSHA labels on every bottle of cleaning agent I used. In every industry, if chemicals are used, it is required by law to know what chemicals are stored, what the effects are, and treatment procedures. I had OSHA sheets on freaking Baking Soda!

Yet all this information is 'unknown' for MCHM.

The tank it was stored in got ruptured by 'something'. Its generally fairly easy to determine if an object is a branch, metal rod, penis, whatever. All we know is it was 'some object'.

According to an article in the LA Times, at least 7500 gallons of a "mysterious" coal-washing foaming agent, known as 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, or MCHM, cascaded past a containment area and poured into the Elk River, just upstream from a major water treatment plant.

Freedom Industries, the chemical company blamed for the spill, says a water line burst during last week's frigid temperatures, the ground beneath a storage tank froze, and some kind of object punctured a hole in its side, causing it to leak.

And notice this is a 'coal washing' chemical. Because we all know how dirty coal is! Its almost like it comes out of the ground!

I find it very difficult to believe that one of those alphabet agencies hasn't made regulations on using this toxic substance. CDC, OSHA, hell, even NSA ought to have information on it gleaned from their many spying activities!

Apparently, if I get an Xray, I will forthwith die a gruesome, horrible death due to severe radiation poisoning. Some damn rat was given 52,468 Xrays and developed cancer. Ergo: Xray = BAD.
And how did they determine the effects of this toxic chemical? They fed some poor assed rat MCHM until it died. Now I'm not saying this chemical isn't harmful, but giving a rat an equivalent dosage of a human drinking a 5 gallon bucket doesn't mean shit in the long run.

I just figure obummer needed another false flag event to strengthen his agenda to rid the US of its using the dreaded COAL.

Remember folks: Coal=bad. They fed a rat the equivalent of a truckload and the poor thing shit a brick!


wabe said...

good point at the end...,also we should be cognizant of the recent oil train derailments.Somebody wants a keystone pipeline.....hmmmm??

Anonymous said...

I did a post a few years back similar to this. There has been more oil spilled in this country since 2009 than in 70 years prior.

False flag? Nah, our government would never do anything like that.