Wednesday, January 29, 2014


(Update 10:30 AM. I was going to delete this post, because it seems pretty whiny to me this morning. I was pissed when I wrote it and frustrated by the latest in a long line of frustration. I'll make it through. Always do. Decided not to delete the post though, gotta keep things real. And this is about as real as it gets. But ya keep on truckin'...):

I just got served. At 11:40 PM. For my Medical bills!
This day couldn't get any worse, after all, its only got twenty minutes left!

Obama is blaming every problem since Adam took a bite out of the apple on Republicans, who have no spine in the first place, and no balls to stand against him. But the economy is soooooo much better, now.

Yeah. Sure.

I'm about to be evicted, owing 1600.00 on rent since Nov 2013, electric will be shut off on the 3rd of February, and I can't pay it because I had to keep the gas on to make sure the fucking pipes didn't burst any more than they have with the fucking lake in the back yard where some idiot put in a 'backyard' spigot in the far distant past, and the pipes have rotted.

Adsense says I'm not worthy of their measly little stipend for fucking up my blog with whatever they choose to put on it. At least I'm glad I finally decided they could go fuck themselves.

And......I have been waiting over sixteen months for my disability, after having a judgement in my favor in October, for an injury sustained in Sept, 2012, which this notice of an upcoming court date is all about my NOT paying MY 'share' of!

Obama can suck my dick. The system that both I and my wife pay INSURANCE to, that only covers, oh, I don't know, probably TWICE what my recovery cost, can blow me. And I FUCKING DARE THE NEXT MOTHERFUCKER THAT COMES TO MY DOOR TO SERVE ME TO KNOCK!

He actually apologized for coming so late. Told me his daughter was in the hospital in Tulsa, 3 hours away, and thats why he showed up so late.

I told him I hope his medical bills fucking DESTROY him.

But I hope she's okay.....

The rest of them can KISS MY ASS. I know what its like to be shot by a .12 Ga. Who wants to be next?


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Xenolith said...

ccbpc (http://ccbpc.wordpress.com/) has left a new comment on your post "FUCK IT":

Holy shit dude, I am really sorry to hear about all this. Nothing whiny about anything in this post, all I hear is a man venting his frustration and anger. From someone who's damned near in the same boat, I can sympathize. The best I can say right now is keep on as best you can as long as you can, and when you can't keep on anymore go out the way you were born: naked, screaming and bathed in someone else's blood.