Thursday, January 23, 2014

The People have Spoken

Listen. You can hear them.

Baaahhhhhh Baahh BAAHHHHHH O baaahhhhh maahhhhh!

I wonder if the sheep admire the wolf's sleek appearance as it lopes across the hillside? Do they think his beauty and elegance in his natural state is spellbinding and inspiring? Do they find it impressive the way he weaves over, through, and under the forest obstacles as he runs freely with no restraint?

And when the wolf turns, and comes at THEM, slavering and hungry, do they regret ever having looked on the wolf with admiration?

I hope so. I hope that they then realize that the wolf, amongst his own kind, can be generous, playful, very social. But to the sheep, he has no mercy. They are prey. They are the nurishment that feeds his sleek and graceful body. And he delights in their oblivion.

I recently met one of those sheep. It was at Crest Supermarket. They just opened in Norman, OK, and as I was checking out, commented about how we should all thank obama for making the American male so strong.

No, really. It used to take myself, two brothers, and Dad to carry in 100.00 dollars worth of groceries. Usually in multiple trips. Now I'm 50, and seem so much stronger under obama's (and previous administrations) physical fitness program. I can carry 100.00 dollars worth of groceries in with one hand!

As I was making this observation, the sheep behind the register was extolling the virtues of her saviour. See, before obamacare, she couldn't afford insurance, being a single mother and with Crest only offering part time positions. (A brand new major supermarket and almost all of the 'workers' are part time? hmmmm...)

But now, she qualifies for FREE MEDICAL INSURANCE! YEAH!!

I tried to explain to her that Oklahoma has an insurance program for low income families called SoonerCare. Under this program, my wife and I were insured with BlueCross/BlueShield for 40.00 per month, 20 dollar copay for office visits, and 500.00 deductible for most medical procedures.

Under obummerdon'tcare, we are going to be required to spend FOUR HUNDRED dollars a month for insurance. With a higher copay, AND deductible. Ten times the amount more than our decent insurance so this grass grazing baby factory can get insurance free. (This is assuming we have any intention of actually signing up for this shit. Which we ain't!) When SoonerCare would have done the same thing for her under state subsidized insurance if she'd bothered to look into it.

But, obamacare makes it all free at no cost to her! I wonder if when obama walks across the stage, does she admire the elegant cut of his suit that cost more than she'll make in a year? Does she look dotingly on, and bask in the warm glow of his smile as he bares his teeth in what she thinks is camaraderie? Will she wake up to this insidious wolf who even now sheds his fleece cloak of deception and openly goes for the kill.

When America is laying at his feet, gutted and bled out, and the politicians and sycophants snarl over the remains after obama has had his fill, while she feels the pain of her own wounds and feels the despair of her hungry child, and listens to its cries of despair, will she realize that everything this devil did 'for her' was to further his own agenda, and feed his own kind?

I sincerely hope so. I hope she wakes up and realizes that tyranny, no matter how soft the hand that wields the whip, is evil. Being killed for food, is still being killed.

The difference in the human wolves and the graceful beast of the forest, who hunts to eat, is the human wolf never gets full. He will ALWAYS want more. Even when the bones have been picked clean.

The difference between sheeple and the fuzzy grass grazer on the hillside is the four legged kind knows that 1.) There is safety in staying firmly together. 2.) The wolf is not its friend. And 3.) Its the shepherd that's carrying the AR-15 and dressed in camo.


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