Thursday, January 23, 2014

Assinine. Maybe even Assinten, or eleven

Quite frankly, I doubt you could pay me to play this BS game. But the creators, King.com have fucking trademarked the name 'Candy'. And as of January 20th, emailed notices to various other companies that have 'candy' in the name that they are guilty of copyright infringement.

Again, I could give a shit about the game, but it is such a gross social injustice to force 'the little guy' who is trying to make a living to change his product to appease the big player.

I'd love to see this go somewhere, but too many sheeple out there are stuck in their candy crush koolaid fix to ever make a difference in boycotting or making a statement about this.

And again, big business wins.

You can read about these assholes here, but why bother? Really.

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