Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Trivia: Helping YOU to survive!

Here is some trivia I bet you didn't know. Not only are cockroaches edible, but they are Oh So Good for you too!
Here is a list of all the healthy and nutritious advantages to Cockroach Entomophagy:

These figures are for Dried Matter (Dead) Australian Cockroaches, which are not really native to Australia, and probably taste just as delicious as the one's we find here in the States. I was unable to find information on those cockroaches still alive and kicking, although I imagine it would impart an interesting variation on the dining experience.

Periplaneta australasie(Australian cockroach)Protein, Fat, Fiber, NFE and Energy Content measurements
Vitamin and amino acid composition of insect dry matter(mg/100g) –

Protein 57

Fat 30

Fiber 5


Vitamin A [9 mcg(nymphs), 49 mcg(adults), 5 mcg(larvae)]

Vitamin C [24 mg(nymphs, adults and larvae)]

Histidine 20 mg

Isoleucine 31 mg

Leucine 56 mg

Lysine 40 mg

Methionine 36 mg

Cystine 20 mg

Met. + Cys 56 mg

Phenylalanine 31 mg

Tyrosine 59 mg

Phe + Tyr 93 mg

Threonine 35 mg

Tryptophan 6 mg

Valine 65 mg

Arginine 51 mg

Serine 45 mg

Proline 65 mg

Alanine 61 mg

Glycine 71 mg

Glutamic Acid 30 mg


I'll be back later. Its past lunch, so I'm gonna go look under some boards in the back yard and see if I can't dig up some grub.

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