Friday, January 31, 2014

My bad

Okay, I didn't post much today. Or for the last few days for that matter. I've been a bit down lately.

So what did I do? I called on the III.

And what did THEY do. They came through!

I promise I will get back to posting my drivel, and strive to make those who inspired me proud of my meager efforts. But one thing I have to say before I get back to business as usual:


In any way, in any situation, ANY time a III percenter needs me, call. And I meant it when I vowed to put away money from EVERY paycheck I get from here until obama takes it all. Tomorrow, I am going to my bank and set up a new savings account. I WILL put in no less than $5.00 per payday - 10.00 a month. Its not much, but if I can afford more, I'll add that too.

This is my III fund. I owe you, and I pay my debts. And this is one debt I take on with Pride!

God Bless the Patriots of the United States of AMERICA!

Oh, and btw: FUCK OBAMA


wirecutter said...

Does that means when I'm running from the feds you'll have someplace safe for me to hide, rest up and resupply? I won't require much, an old tin shed that you know is safe or even a culvert.

Xenolith said...

A few minor points to address here: 1. I'd at least let you crash on the couch. Unless you bring Lucy and CharlieGoddamnIt. Then they get the couch, but I'd throw at least a blanket on the floor for ya, and you could have the pillow.
2. I don't see you 'running from the feds'!... The other way around maybe, but YOU running....Nope.

And my home is open to ANY of the III in need. And I like it that way, and am going to keep it. Period.