Friday, January 31, 2014

Amazingly accurate analysis of The Left:

This is a comment made by a reader calling himself lakeworthcane over at RedState. The article is about one Mark Murray, an NBC brown noser, comparing obama to the war hero he used as an audience prop, Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg:

They're locked up so tightly in their own insipidly vacuous, sanctimonious little worlds, where they reign supreme over reality itself, that they're mentally and emotionally crippled: incapable of even acknowledging, let alone comprehending, the thoughts and experiences of others, God as greater than themselves, or any environment in which all that happens, and all that exists, isn't all about, doesn't revolve around, and doesn't exist to serve them.
These people have made me sick to my stomach since I was a teenager, listening to them frothily "protesting" against whatever they could for no other reason than to revel in their own self-ingratiating melodrama. From the outset I sensed that they were phonies; they didn't care about war, peace, civil rights, equality, or the environment. They were always about exploiting morality to elevate themselves to the authoritarian roles in open society that they had enjoyed as the spoiled children of privileged upper-middle and upper-class families.
I have wondered if they are not the predictable result of their parents' prosperity: an entire population of people who've learned that all of reality should sacrifice for their benefit, enrichment, security, and pleasure.
The left is pleased with itself for electing Barack Obama; and he, with his cheap, sneering contempt for all who are not like him, dutifully reflects their self-glorification back at them. He is precisely the president we might've expected the American political left to produce: a personified medal of honor to reward itself for its own omniscient greatness.

That there is almost poetry!

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