Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bread, Circuses, and Bullshit

I opened my browser this morning. Figured I'd catch up on what was happening around the world, and see if it'd had blown up while I was sleeping.

No such luck. Instead, front page, living color, is probably one of the most nauseating, obnoxious, odious articles I think I've seen that so graphically (and yes, graphically, it comes with video) delineates what's wrong with our society. Or I should say the many things wrong in our society.

See it? Its right there in the middle of the fucking page, right there on top. Look close.
Okay, now I'll click on it for ya:
And there's a whole article about some fucking supermodel, not even an "actress" but a fucking MODEL for crap's sake, riding a fourwheeler, holding her child, and NO HELMETS!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now lets examine all that's wrong with this:
1. Is ANYTHING this overpaid walking advertisement with tits going to do going to have any impact on my life?
No. So who gives a shit?
2. Is there a danger of the child falling?
No. Because (a) The overpaid walking advertisement with tits is apparently going very slowly. (Notice her hair isn't blowing in the wind from her speeding death ride?). (b) She's riding on the beach, which the last time I was on one didn't have a whole lot of death trap styled obstacles, and are generally speaking pretty open. And (c) The brat in question is not only being held, but is in a freakin' baby sling.
So who gives a shit?
3. The OMG they're not wearing HELMETS argument!
So? See all the reasons in number 2 above. PLUS, they are in Brazil. I don't know how many of you have ever been to Brazil, but its one of those countries where motorscooters are one of the major forms of transportation. And NO ONE wears helmets.
So who gives a shit?
4. A parenting magazine editor goes on a recorded interview to say how "My palms were sweating. That looks so terrifyingly unsafe!"
Go back to number 1. And keep YOUR ideas about what I or ANYBODY else does to yourself, you busybody, nosey, liberal piece of canine excrement. And people PAY for a piece of parenting trash magazine that is just full of your opinions? FUCK YOU. Parenting is hard, and any advice is appreciated. But don't tell me how to raise my own kid. They are MY kids, not yours or the government's! And I just might NEED those scissors in a hurry....
So, who gives a shit.
5. And this is the biggee: Its Ay Bee Cee News! How is something some overpaid walking advertisement with tits slowly riding a stabile four wheeler with her kid securely fastened to her chest while holding the brat, driving down a private, clear, open beach in fucking Brazil in any way NEWS?
See? this shit has not only wasted my time, in both reading and writing about it, but yours as well in reading my rant. Fuckers get us going both ways, huh? Bread, circuses, and bullshit.

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