Saturday, January 11, 2014

Enjoy the ride!

Last night, I posted my 1000th post. In three days, I will have been posting for a whole six months on January 14th.

So I did some calculations (and yes, I did use a calculator. I ain't that smart!)

1000 posts / 6 months = 166.6666666~ So we'll call it 167 average per month

167 per month / 30 days = 5.5666666~ So we''ll call that 5.6 average per day

5.6 per day / 24 hours = 0.233333333~ So I'm gonna fudge a little here, and bring that to .25

Which is one post on average of every four hours. (Keeping in mind that I also sleep at least 2 of these 24 hours each day, usually more.)

0.25 posts / 60 minutes = 0.004166666~ Which means that for every minute of my day for the last six months, I have spent 0.996 of the time, or roughly 59.76 seconds, NOT blogging.

Not sure whether I should pat myself on the back for working so tenaciously on this thing, or apologize to my readers for submitting them to so many of the Voices......

Either way, ENJOY THE RIDE!~

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Anonymous said...

and you do a great job sir.