Saturday, January 18, 2014

We, the sheeple

From that paragon of obama worship, The Washington Post, comes a story that is slanted to make all we mere sheeple bow down and be grateful to our Lord and Master for his benevolent treatment in shepherding us....

Obama directed that from now on, the government must obtain a court order for each phone number it wants to query in its database of records. Analysts will be able to review phone calls that are two steps removed from a number associated with a terrorist organization instead of three. And he ordered a halt to eavesdropping on dozens of foreign leaders and governments that are friends or allies. (article here)

Its like raising the price of gasoline a dollar, then dropping it fifty cents. Everybody sits back and says, 'there, now THAT'S better!' while still paying fifty cents more than before!

How about president fuckface stop spying on we lowly serfs altogether. The only purpose to his Gestapo  National Security Agency is to make sure we don't revolt. Which wouldn't be a question if he followed the Constitution like he swore to.

Our government, not just the president, and not just this administration, but every administration since we became a nation, has progressively been worse and taken more power unto itself than its predecessor. Obama is exactly what our  nation has let itself be led to. Every time we've let them take one more piece of our rights, we've paved the way for further injustice.

Its not enough that we say 'no more'. Its time to say 'much less'. Its time to reset the government to the standards of the Constitution and return the freedoms of honest men to pursue their lives as free individuals, and not wards of a government no longer of the people.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, THOSE were the exact words I've been looking for lately. Get a bullhorn and start screaming that into peoples faces, wake them up, make them realize what they're giving away on a daily basis.