Thursday, January 23, 2014

This makes me sad for some reason

I never even really cared for The Captain and Tenille. I can still recall most of the lyrics and the tunes to "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Muskrat Love". Not because they were all that great, but they were a big part of my culture growing up. Seems like you heard their songs on every station all the time.

And other folks personal lives that don't interconnect with mine usually have no affect on me.* I don't give a rat's ass that someone got shot, stabbed, divorced, married, had sex with someone of the same gender. Live and let live. Just leave me alone.

But I feel sad seeing this headline. It feels like I've lost a part of my past I will never have again. I almost feel betrayed. I didn't feel this bad when my own folks got divorced. Maybe because I saw that coming, and, like The Captain, this one just blindsided me.


*Don't worry, I'll get over it. And be the sorry assed sumbitch of my old self here in just a sec....


hiswiserangel said...

Do That To Me One More Time

Xenolith said...

I hope this comment isn't a reflection on my RED-y post!

Phil said...

They got Muskrat Fever.