Friday, January 31, 2014

The Rise and Fall of the Obama Empire

The empire simply became too big; the ruling parties could not logistically sustain a system of government that had become increasingly tyrannical throughout its history. It could no longer effectively manage the endless campaign to push Roman ideals on the rest of the world.

In-fighting among the various governing bodies led to incompetency in government, which led to its people’s mistrust of the government they had come to depend on. This, along with Rome’s increasing problems of protecting its wide borders led to its downfall.

Its people had lost their sense of self-reliance by becoming increasingly dependent on a ruling party that simply couldn’t afford to take care of everyone. Their defenses began to crumble and one by one, the Roman Empire slowly began to dissolve. (source)

Oops, my bad. They were discussing the ROMAN Empire!

But I gotta say, this sounds eerily familiar. An emperor trying to micromanage an area as large as These United States just doesn't work. That's the whole purpose of states, counties, cities, communities. Management at a manageable level.

When a man 1000 miles away in an area with different weather effects, political views, social background and status, tries to tell me what I'm required to do, how much I'm required to pay, and how I have to believe and think, there's a problem. And it ain't with me.

We are supposed to have elected representatives who will say what we the people want them to say, vote how we want them to vote, and look out for our interests. Not cushy job millionaires managing our lives to benefit them.

I've recently heard of a million-man-march kind of thing called Operation American Spring. Its a large scale version of a hypothetical situation where one man walks to DC, gaining support along the way, to confront the government.

But have you noticed, like in the above excerpt, how history tends to repeat for those who don't learn from the past? I don't believe one man would make it to DC. Either arrested as a traitor and 'disappeared', or outright killed by 'an accident' along the way.

I don't think a peaceful sit in of DC is going to work either. The rulers look out over the sheeple and laugh at their bahhing, perhaps, but no real change.

I honestly believe we are approaching armed revolt. And it scares the shit out of me. To many good people on either side will feel the loss of war. But I also believe there is no other option. Obama will never step down, Pelosi, Reid, Boner, Holder, none of these will ever give up their power and slip quietly into history as the failures they are. If they are not forced out, they will never opt out. We could try to vote them out, but they run the vote counts. There are a lot more dead democrats out there than their are living republicans and Tea Party voters put together.

And I'd rather be a dead Patriot, than a live follower of the evil that has usurped our Capital.

Molon Labe, III to III

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