Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What the fuck is happening to our country?

I'm sitting here watching Fox News blathering in the background while I check my emails and catch up on some blogs I follow, and I hear a story about 2 twelve year old girls in Chicago who stabbed* another 12 year old girl NINETEEN times, to appease a 'fictional' demon. Thankfully, a good samaritan found her after she crawled to a bike trail, and called 911. She is in serious condition and will be fine eventually. Unless you include the nightmares and mental anguish this poor kid is going to live with for the rest of her life. And the physical scars...

Now, I try to stay current with what's happening in America, and a bit about what's going on around the world. I have CNN.com, New York Times, political news, world news, BBC, Guardian, business news (and others, but you get the idea), on my front page.

There's a story under CNN.com about some guy who hit Brad Pitt on the red carpet at some dumbass event or other, but I couldn't find anything about twelve year old children committing attempted murder to appease a demon. Of course, this was white on white, so no racism angle. And even though the courts want to try them as adults, their lawyer will get them off on an insanity plea, and they'll be out of the system and appeasing their imaginary demon in no time!

Isn't it time we brought morality and reality back to America? The story I was reading online when I heard this was about the Men's Movement having a conference in Detroit, and feminists are threatening to kill them, the hotel employees where the conference is taking place, and other guests of the hotel. (H/T to Wraith over at Weird and Pissed Off for the link.)

The hotel has told them in a letter to one of the organizers of the conference that it will have to cancel the reservation unless they can provide proof of two million dollars of commercial insurance for the hotel, and a contract with the Detroit Police to provide at least seven 24 hour cops on duty in various locations throughout the hotel for the entire 3 day conference.

Fuck that. The Men's Movement doesn't blame the hotel. But I do. Stand up, Motherfuckers. And paying cops to do their fucking job? This is a peaceful conference well within its Constitutional rights, being threatened by terrorists saying, as Wraith put it: Shut up or DIE. Wouldn't protecting the peace at least be some small part of their job description? They no longer protect and serve the individual, but I would think they still have to protect the public and maintain the peace.
I can't help but wonder if this were a feminist conference, and a group of men threatened them, how long it would take the FBI to start busting in the doors of the men making the threats that blatantly state they intended to kill the feminists. And of course, police would be all over the place, on the local governments dime.

I guess I'll wrap this up now. There's a story on Fox News coming up about a 17 year old high school kid who killed a 16 year old girl when she wouldn't go to the prom with him. Apparently threw her down some stairs, choked her, and stabbed* her. Wouldn't want to miss that...

*Stabbed. NOT shot. No guns involved in either of these crimes. BAN KNIVES!

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