Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thank everything and anything holy that Hiswiserangel carries! (And make sure all the women out there read this!)

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Weekend Update
This is a post I didn't want to write, something I didn't want to admit to having done and been through, but I think it's necessary. If sharing this can keep someone else from letting their guard down and doing something stupid that puts them at unnecessary risk, then it's worth it. So......

Saturday, we (and by that I mean me) participated in the Chamber of Commerce Citywide garage sale. Twenty three sales throughout the town, addresses on a map, 10 hours of insanity. I handled it alone because, well, I do that a lot because of circumstances. Anyway, sales were brisk through the morning and lunch, but around 4 started to drop off, so I started closing up shop and putting things away. Hadn't seen another soul for about an hour when this dude pulls in and asks if we sold the rototiller and can he look at it. I show him where it is and go back to putting things away. Mistake #1: I had almost $600 in my pocket and was alone with a man I'd never met in an enclosed area and I turned my back on him. I let my guard down. 
He was there about 10 minutes asking questions and making small talk, and then he started talking about snakes, have I seen any, would I like to handle a live snake. I wasn't really paying attention and said "Sure," to which he responded "Here, start with this one." That's when I looked at him, he had his semi-flaccid whoo-haw in his hand working it. In a heartbeat, Mistake #2 registered: I had let him maneuver me to the back and he was between me and the exit.

Now let me offer this. I carry concealed, all day every day. One of the first things to go on in the morning, last to come off at night. If there was a pajama holster, I'd use it. I've had handguns since my first one before college, Poppy gave it to me. So in 28 years, I've never had to draw my weapon. I did Saturday. I immediately told him to leave as I was drawing, he took a step towards me with his other hand reaching for me, I raised my Sig and aimed. He registered what he was looking at, turned and ran back to his pickup. All of this happened in probably less than a minute. It was almost like I was out of my body watching it all. As he pulled away, I got the plate number, puked and called 911. The cops came, and in our little town they're still Peace Officers, took my statement, my description (very detailed) of both the jerk and his pickup. And before y'all ask, yes they know I drew my weapon, and both reassured me I'd done good. Like I said, Texas small town police. They don't take kindly to creeps assaulting women in their garages. 

So, this is my tale. These were the mistakes I made: being alone in a situation that brings strangers to my home, letting my guard down around a strange man, not being completely aware of my surroundings, letting myself get maneuvered into an unfavorable position. My one saving grace? I was armed with a weapon that I practice with consistently. I was comfortable drawing it, and I gave myself permission years ago to use it with deadly force. If he had taken one more step, the police report would have been much different. 

Physically, I'm fine. Mentally and emotionally, I'm a mess. I'm having panic attacks and I can't sleep. I get up at least every other hour to check the doors and windows. I think I've eaten maybe three or four meals in the last three days. Stupid little things make me cry. And all because I got careless and complacent. So please, pretty please with sugar on top, take this as a lesson and never let your guard down. I love y'all and I'd hate like hell to lose you. 


And Angel. I am SO glad you carry, and that you know WHY you carry!
Love ya, girl!
Xeno & The Missus!

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