Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Spic'ling problems explained

And yes, I went there. I called 'em Spics. They ain't Americans, and until and unless they are, fuck 'em.

Our government, although the darling of the 'hispanic' element of the Democratic vote, is losing.

Americans are tired of, as Boehner put it, being squeezed by Obama's policies. And something must be done! (Hmmm, I seem to have heard that before...)

Obviously the whole amnesty thing isn't getting enough steam behind it to succeed. So, let's bring in all these poor waifs from CENTRAL America, who somehow, all by their lonesome, made it through the drug cartels and sex slave traffickers in Mexico, and EN MASSE, made it to our country unscathed.

Mexico is pretty big folks. Anyone here want to try and walk across it, penniless and alone?

This is a play by the PTB to inundate our economy with welfare kids and women in order to overwhelm our nation. We now need to feed them, clothe them, provide shelter and education.

Fuck it. They made it here 'by themselves'. Kick their sorry ass out and let them make it all the way back by themselves. They are obviously extremely resourceful and capable. I'm sure they'll be just fine. And if not, who cares? The are NOT our problem!

If we were more forceful and adhered to our immigration laws in the first place, this couldn't happen, or at least wouldn't happen. Hang a dead thief in your front yard, and its a pretty good bet other thieves will think twice before targeting you.

And am I being heartless and cold here? Damn straight. I got myself, my wife, my progeny, my neighbors, and my country to worry about. Those spic'lings ain't my problem, and I don't accept my government telling me they are.

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